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How To Write A Review For Your Photographer | Photographers Near Me

As a small business owner, we understand that reviews are really important to our business and earning others business. We also understand that it’s not always easy to know what to write or how to write it. But if you want to make a photographer's day, head over to Google and leave them an awesome review. Your review is a great way to tell potential clients about your experience and hopefully help them to trust you and your business a little more. Learning how to write a review for your photographer doesn’t always come naturally. We’ve got a few tips and prompts that will help you to write a wonderful review for photographers near you!

Why Should I Write My Photographer A Review?

How often when you are looking to buy something big or important, do you read a review to see what others' experience with this business or brand was? We do business with people that we know, like and trust, and that’s not always easy to do when everything is online. Did you know that overall, people trust an online review just about as much as a referral from family and friends? Over 90% of people take time to go over online reviews before they choose to purchase a product or hire someone to do a job for them.

How do you feel when you see lots of positive feedback on a business site that you’re considering hiring for your task? A huge part of the decision making process for new clients includes reading reviews from others about their experiences. Reading positive reviews helps them to feel confident about choosing to reach out and to start the process of scheduling their own photoshoot. Reviews and public testimonials really help our potential future clients to trust in our services.

Not only does client feedback help potential clients to make a decision on our services, but it helps us to improve the experience for future clients and customers. Please don’t take for granted the impact that a single review can have on a small business. If you have feedback other than positive for your photographer, it’s best to first reach out to them directly in email or phone call and explain the problem in a kind and compassionate way instead of choosing to go negative online. 9/10 negative comments about a service are a misunderstanding or small issue that could have been resolved if the client would have spoken up to the photographer first. As a society, we tend to go to social media with any negative that we can. But that does serious damage to small businesses! Please consider this before you take to posting. Chances are, your photographer will be able to resolve your problem quickly and easily for you; we work very hard to make sure that all of our clients have an amazing experience and we want to learn how we can serve you better!

Reviews are food on our table for small businesses like ours.

Wedding photographer reviews

What Should I write about in my review?

Writing a review can be tough for some, even if it was an amazing experience. Some people just aren’t great with words or don’t know what to say. Here’s a few ideas to get you going!

Google Side Note: Avoid using the words “shoot”, “Shot” or “shooting” when writing your photographer's review. Google will automatically hide reviews that contain these words. Any words being perceived as violent or around firearms will cause your review to be flagged or deleted from Google. Try words like “image” or “photo” or “photo session”.

1-What was your favorite part of working with your photographer? Can you provide an example of how he/she exceeded your expectations and/or make you more comfortable during your session?

2- What was your biggest fear that you had before your session?

3- What ways do you feel that your photographer was able to help you create the session of your dreams or did their guidance help you feel less anxious about your session?

4- How would you describe your experience with your photographer from start to finish?

5- Is there anything specific that you’d like to include? Any way that your photographer went above and beyond for you and your session?

Your feedback, testimonials and client referrals are very appreciated and valuable to AFH Media, LLC. Thank you in advance for your testimony or review. To leave your review for AFH Media, LLC, click the button below to go directly to our Google Review Page.


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