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5 Times To Update Your Headshots

No matter the career field you work in, marketing, financials, real estate, marketing, etc., your professional brand online is critical for success. If you don’t know the last time you had your headshot updated, or if you’ve never actually had a professional headshot taken, now is the time. We’re covering the top 5 times you should update your headshots below.

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When Should You Update Your Headshots

If you’ve already had a professional headshot taken, you’re on the right track. However, you still need to update it occasionally. These 5 times stuck out to use that you should definitely update your headshot:

1.Your Current Headshot Doesn’t Look Like You

Women, especially, tend to change in looks often. From hair color to weight, it all affects the way we look overall and in an image, we want to display our current self. If you had a professional headshot, we understand wanting to get as much use out of them as possible, however, when you show up to meet a client, if they can’t recognize you in person in comparison to your Facebook profile image, it’s time for an updated headshot

2.Your Current Headshot Is a Selfie

We all have to start somewhere and done is better than perfect, however, now is the time to update that selfie to a professional headshot. The image you had your bestie take of you when you got your new job was ok for a little (ok, it really wasn’t, but we can’t change the past), but now it’s time to be a professional and hire a professional.

If you’re on LinkedIn, it’s easy to see who has invested in themselves and who has taken their headshot into their own hands. Professionals want to see professionals.

3. You’ve Been Promoted or Changed Fields

It’s obvious if you change from a banker to an artist, you need to showcase your career field change with a new headshot. However, the same is true for promotions or a new job within the same field. Your face is who people work with. We all spend a lot of time behind screens nowadays, but when you step outside, your current face should be able to be recognized by those you’re doing business with. Whether you are meeting colleagues for a drink or have colleges in town from across the globe, you should be putting your best face forward.

4. You Need More Variety

Congratulations!! You have one awesome headshot. Sometimes one isn’t enough. As you grow your business, sharing the same headshot across all platforms can make you seem out of touch.

Talk to your photographer about creating a gallery of images for you to use across many platforms. At AFH Media, we offer Branding Sessions to get you the full gallery of images you need across the board.

5. You’re Ready To Set Up Your Personal Brand

When you first started, having a personal brand may not have been something you considered. Now that you are ready to be more established in your field, having a well established personal brand is imperative. Your headshots are likely to be published you your company’s website, your social media and possibly in print.. To keep your personal brand consistent across these platforms, you need professional headshots

If none of these 5 times to update your headshot apply to you, we suggest updating your headshot a minimum of once per year.

If you’re considering refreshing your headshot, take a minute to visit our headshot page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us below or email us at

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