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What to Know About Engagement Photos | Engagement Photos Near Me

You’re thinking about getting engagement photos done, but you’re not sure where to start, maybe you don’t even know if you do want to get them! Well, here is AFH Media’s guide for engagement photos-

Engaged couple walking away from camera

Why Get Engagement Photos?

Having an engagement photo shoot is a wonderful experience for couples. Creating beautiful memories and having them captured in time is a special event for anyone. One of the best reasons to have a shoot is to practice before your big day. Your first time being in front of a professional lens can be stressful, but if you already have a photo shoot under your belt, you can take that experience and use it for your wedding.

A professional photo on your save the dates is always a great choice. Most cards like these go up on a fridge or a cork board. Family and friends will be delighted to see the couple right on the card.

There is an incredible variety when it comes to wedding decorations, but so many contain photos! Everyone is here to see the beautiful bride and groom; photos are practically a must. With a professional shoot, experienced hands are taking the reins. We know how to work the location of your choice to make the most out of the scene.

Where to Take the Engagement Photos

The best place to have your engagement shoot is the wedding venue! This will allow for your photographer to get a lay-of-the-land and be familiar with best areas for you. Having photos of before and after the wedding in the same spot are a sure win.

If you don’t have access to the wedding venue yet, that’s no problem! Here in Pennsylvania, there are numerous, beautiful places that will provide a wonderful landscape for your photos, whether you plan on nature scenes or city scapes.

What Do You Wear for the Session?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable; pick an outfit that you know you’ll be comfortable with. Maybe you have a theme planned, perhaps you know what you want to wear to go with your background. Talk with your photographer to ensure you’re on the same page, they will be glad to know exactly what you want so they can ensure the best comes out of the shoot.

Engagement picture with matching shirts

Do you want to bring props? Some couples like to bring signs with their wedding dates on them, or items for a cute scene, such as picnic. Communicate with your photographer to see if they have ideas that fit what you want.

Engagement session with champaign and matching shirts

When Should the Shoot Take Place?

A recommended time is 9-10 months before the wedding. Especially if you would like the photos for your save the dates or wedding invitations, you need to have them sooner rather than later.

Engagement sessions are a great way to see how the photographer works and how their personality and the couple work together. In the end it is up to you when they should have the session, and how it fits in for you.

The lovely couples seen in our photos are and Karli and Shane, and Chris and Kelsey. “We knew at our engagement session that we had made the right choice hiring Jodi for our wedding”-Karli & Shane

Recently engaged and ready to show off you your love? Contact AFH Media for your engagement session below!


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