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How To Write A Great Review For Your Photographer | Your PA Photographer

Have you had a wonderful experience with your PA photographer? Have you let them know? Have you let everyone else know? I know that sometimes writing a review may be a little intimidating. You don't know what to say. You don't know how much info to give. Let me tell you how to write a great review for your photographer. Reviews can make or break a small business. They really help potential clients trust us.

Why Should You Write Your Photographer A Review?

Many people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from their friends and family. I, personally, take time to read a variety of online reviews before I make a decision to purchase a product or hire someone to perform a service. Do you read reviews before making a purchase? Having a consistent stream of positive Google reviews is an amazing way to help a business appear higher in local search engine rankings and increase their visibility online. This will help get their business in front of more potential customers.

Hearing feedback from my clients also gives me valuable insights that will help me improve the experience for my future clients. It's important to consider the impact that one single review can have on a small business. If you have negative feedback or constructive criticism about your experience with your PA photographer, it's best to reach out directly to them and discuss it instead of choosing to post a negative review online. The photographer will probably be able to resolve the issue and that negative review can hurt that business for many years to come.

Taking a few minutes to leave your photographer a review or testimonial about your experience will make their day. Reviews mean everything to a small business.

What Should I Write About In My Review?

Deciding what to say can be difficult. Here's a couple of tips to get your thoughts going:

***When writing your review, avoid using the words "shoot", "shot" and "shooting" as Google may hide any reviews that use these words. "Headshot" is an exception and ok to use in your review.

  1. What was your favorite part of working with your PA photographer? Give an example of how your photographer went above and beyond for you and put you at ease during your shoot.

  2. What was the biggest challenge or fear that you had when you decided to book a photographer for yourself or business?

  3. How would you describe your experience with your photographer and their team from start to finish?

  4. How did your photographer create unique photos or experiences and did their guidance help you to feel less stressed about the process? Did you feel like I prepared you for your session?

  5. Is there anything else you really liked or appreciated about working with your photographer and think other people could benefit from knowing who are considering hiring them?

Your feedback, testimonials and referrals are VERY valued and appreciated. THANK YOU!!

If you haven't left me a review, visit my Google page at the button below to share your experience with other potential AFH Media family!


Mar 19

This is so helpful! And great for writing a good review for a favored photographer or any other small business. I think people underestimate the power of a good review.


Ashleigh Maxey
Ashleigh Maxey
Mar 17

What fantastic advice and information that so many people may not have! I never thought to educate clients on how to leave a review or what to say in their review! These reviews are so vital to small businesses and they truly help!


Mar 16

This is such great information. I know I can be overwhelmed when I go to leave a review for a company and this is so helpful. As small business owners we know how important these google reviews are to the success of our business.


Jody A
Jody A
Mar 12

This information is so helpful. Reviews can be overwhelming and I never feel like I do the service justice. I will be using these tips for sure!


Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
Mar 11

Jodi, everything about this is absolutely genius! Clients always want to write reviews but never know what to say, so this info is absolute GOLD!!

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