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Mom Deserves A Boudoir Photoshoot

Mom’s never put themselves first. We wear old clothes and worn out shoes while we make sure our kiddos have new clothes. Mom deserves a boudoir photoshoot and to feel amazing!



When you can’t find anything to eat, who do you ask? Mom

When you can’t find your shoe, who do you ask? Mom

Who makes you’re boo-boos better? Mom

Who always makes sure that you’re on time to school and practice?

Who eats cold food while she serves all the kids first?

Who is toughest on themselves?

Mom, mom, MOM!

Who deserves to finally see themselves as the beautiful woman you see her as?

Who deserves time to themselves with no kids to take care of?

Who deserves to be pampered and the focus of at least 3 hours of time?

You guessed it! MOM

Woman in white lingerie on white bed

So what better time to bless mom than mother’s day and with a boudoir photoshoot. It’s the perfect way for mom to take a breath, be pampered with hair and makeup and feel like a bombshell in what probably feels like forever to her.

A boudoir photoshoot will leave her feeling amazing, refreshed and empowered and walk away with FIERCE boudoir images. Let mom reconnect (or connect for the first time) with her sensuality and sexuality and her self-confidence. And as her role as mom continues after the session with lunch packing and dusting and food prep, she can grab her Boudoir Photo Album and touch the soft pages and be transported right back to a time when she felt amazingly confident in herself. And those wall portraits above her bed? Those metal prints showcase every curve in just the right way to remember how special and beautiful she truly is.

Woman in black undies and white button down shirt

I would guess that she has a friend that has done a boudoir photoshoot and that put thoughts of doing her own in her head, but she’s been too nervous. Nervous that she doesn’t know how to pose or that her images won’t be any good. Nervous about the investment in herself or nervous that you will think it’s a silly thing to do.

So forget the flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Day and get mom something that will show her how much you value her and find worth in her! 

AFH Media offers gift certificates so you can gift it to her and she can schedule it at her convenience. Contact Jodi below for your e-gifft card!


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