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10 Branding Photos You need For Your Business | Harrisburg Branding Photos

Have you ever asked yourself “what photos do I really need for my business?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. As a personal branding photographer, I take time to work with all of my clients and talk details about their business so I can figure out exactly what content they need. Each client and business has a different set of needs for what will help them and sitting down and discussing what images would be most useful is an essential part of my consultation process. It’s essential to make sure that your branding images show your entire client experience to help them get to know, like and trust you.

Branding image of laptop, mug and flowers

As a business owner, it can be a little overwhelming to know what types of images you may need. Let me help you decide in this blog post! I’ve even got examples for you.

1. The Needed Headshot

Headshot of man in purple shirt in studio

According to Wikipedia “A head shot or headshot is a modern (usually digital) portrait in which the focus is on the person's face. The term is applied usually for professional profile images on social media, images used on online dating profiles, the 'about us page' of a corporate website, and promotional pictures of actors, models, and authors.

This is your MUST HAVE shot. This is the image that shows you. If you are just getting started in the business or have a limited budget, a headshot is the place to start. A quality headshot is your most valuable piece of content. It can be used in a variety of places. Check this  post for some ideas on where to use your new headshot.

2. Behind the Scenes

Woman on zoom call with a client

As a society, we’re nosey. We want to know how things get done. We want to see what it takes to make things happen. These photos give your clients a glimpse into what it takes for you to run your business and bring them the products they love. BTS (behind the scenes) content is a little less formal  and staged. Many times it’s videos of what your meetings or sessions looked like or what you do throughout the day from your perspective.

Woman on phone with client

3. Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle portraits are on the same path as headshots, but are more stylized. These portraits focus more on your personality and style. These pictures are often used for “get to know me” pictures and to showcase new products or workshops you’re offering.

4. Promotional and Advertising

These images can contain a multitude of things such as campaigns, lifestyle imagery of your products, etc. The object is to sell your product, obviously, but creating original, engaging content can be difficult. Lifestyle imagery is the most popular type of advertising photos. When done well, it helps to sell your products or services by showing clients its potential use and need.

5. Team Portraits

If your business is more than just you behind the scenes, show the world. Remember how I said people

Business owners picture

are nosey? They want to see who they are dealing with. They want to know who’s answering the phone, who’s responding to emails, who’s making their products. These photos are great on your about pages and help your potential clients to get to know you and your business partners and employees.

6. Personal/Get To Know Me

Family picture of mom and 2 daughters

Again with the “people are nosey”. We want to know who you are and what you are like in “real life”. What do you do when you aren’t at the office? What makes you smile? Who makes your life complete? Show people what you like to do when you’re not working for them and who you like to do it with. I tend to find that when I post a picture of myself and my family on my business page, it gets the most interaction.

7. Location

Where does the magic happen? Do you have a studio or store front that you work out of? These photos are great for anyone who has a physical location for their business. Show people the ins and outs of it. Show them how to get into your building, where to park, what the inside looks like. Then when they do come in, they feel like they’ve been there before and are more comfortable.

8. Details

Image box of client images from photo session

When creating a set of branding images, have the branding photographer take some close up angles

and detail images of your processes. If you create a physical product, use images of these products to show your clients what they can expect from you when they order. Show the details of these products. The material, the quality of them.

9. Services

Behind the scenes of makeup artist and client

What do you offer your clients? For instance, as a photographer, I have another photographer come in and take behind the scenes pictures in order for clients to see me at work. My clients laugh and have a good time in my studio, so having pictures that show this can help take the nerves out of having a photo shoot done.

10. Interaction

Female business owner talking with client

What’s the path that your clients go down from booking or ordering to completion? Showcase this in images. Before and after pictures of hair being colored or styled. Have someone capture you doing what you do best and your clients enjoying it.

What types of personal branding photos have you found most useful? I’d love to hear your opinion below in the comments!


May 14

This list is 🙌🏼🙌🏼. The behind the scenes and interactive are often afterthoughts so I love that you included them so clients can prepare.


Ashleigh Maxey
Ashleigh Maxey
May 13

I love that you have broken down exactly why every shot is important and the role it serves in a business' online presence! Thank you for such educational content!


Brandi Price
Brandi Price
May 09

Love that you show the many different photos needed from a branding session. It can be overwhelming trying to think of everything when you are preparing for your own branding session, so this is a great list to refer to!


May 07

You have so many great ideas for businesses to take advantage of a branding session! It's definitely so much more than just a headshot. Gorgeous work, Jodi!


May 07

Great explanation of the many types of images a company might need from a branding session!

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