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How To Display Senior Portraits In Your Home | Senior Photographer

You've had your senior photo session with your favorite senior photographer; you've come in to see all of the amazing images and now you have to decide what to do with them all. At AFH Media, you've already been given all of the tools that you will need to make these decisions. At the end of your senior session, you'll be given an envelope PACKED with info. It will answer all of the questions you have, like, "what happens next?" and "how do I decide what to purchase?".

I'm gonna help you think outside the box. Mix up your gallery wrapped canvases, framed wall portraits and small prints to create some interest. Here's a few other ideas on how to decorate with portraits around your home.

Mantles, Ledges & Bookshelves

Smaller prints (10x10 and under) are great to prop up on a mantle or ledge. Add one to a matted frame that matches your home’s look and it's a perfect addition to any room.

Special places you spend a lot of time

Parents who want a reminder of their "babies" might add some senior pictures to bathroom counters, dressing areas, closets or even the laundry room. Place a photo in an area you spend a lot of time each day to help brighten your day.

Over the fireplace

Another great place to hang a wall portrait (or collage) is over the fireplace. This is sometimes reserved for a family portrait, but if you have just one child (or a favorite, haha) you could definitely get away with it. Some homes have multiple fireplaces. This gives the perfect opportunity to display a beautiful portrait of your child over one and is a great focal point in a room.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas of where to put that kiddo’s senior pictures, here’s a few options on some products to display your favorite images.

Senior Products


These are a great way to display many of your favorite images if you can't decide or just don't have wall space to put large portraits of your senior

Image Box-

Another great way to display your favorite 21 images. Comes with an easel stand for displaying

Wall Prints-

These come in canvas wraps or metal prints and are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit any room in your home!

If you're ready to discuss your senior portrait options, reach out today! AFH is excited to work with you this year. Don't wait! We only take a limited number of clients each month so we make sure to offer everyone exceptional service and attention.


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