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Carlisle Senior Photos | RaeAnn's Senior Session

It feels like forever ago that I took RaeAnn's senior pictures, but I guess it was almost a year ago. I mean, she's about to graduate!! WHAT?!?!? This beautiful girl has been like a 3rd kiddo to me for many years and just as with my own daughter, I can't believe that it's been this long since I captured her Carlisle Senior Photos and she's going to graduate in under 70 days.

Senior girl in boho dress, straw hat on a farm

Carlisle Pictures

We started RaeAnn's session at her family's farm in Newville. If you ever have questions about where to have your session, the sky is the limit! Her farm had old equipment and beautiful trees and then there were the working areas. You know, the places where the cows and pigs are and then there's this old tractor you see above. I mean, it could be considered an eye sore, but when you put this beautiful senior girl beside it, it really added to the picture. I mean, those blue eyes and laugh at her mama didn't hurt, either.

Senior girl in Boho dress and hat with flowers

Then we moved around the property a little to get a variety of backgrounds in this beautiful Boho looking dress. Her mama had gotten some flowers for the session and they looked beautiful stuck in the vines of the fence. You wouldn't know it from the bottom picture, but we had a visitor for these pictures. The neighbors dog wanted to see what was going on and hovered right around the other side of the fence to make sure I was taking good care of his friend, RaeAnn.

Senior girl with dog and on college campus for senior pictures

We finished out these Carlisle Senior Photos with some shots with her dog and then headed to Dickenson University in Carlisle. I hadn't been there in years, but it was a beautiful backdrop for this Cedar Cliff High School Senior. Would you believe that when I asked RaeAnn to stand behind this black gate, she rolled her ankle and had to finish the session with a swollen ankle? She had injured it earlier in the month and it gave out again at that moment and the poor thing just got bigger and bigger as the session went on. Luckily we were almost finished so it wasn't too painful for her. Ever heard the phrase "beauty is pain"? Well, there's a prime example for you. I don't like when my clients get injured, especially during a session, but she was a trooper.

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