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Preparing for Your Senior Portraits

Being confident in your senior pictures isn’t always easy. LET ME HELP! As a Central PA Senior Photographer, I have many years of experience on what will look best in what locations and on different body types and I’m here to make this easier for you!

Central PA Senior Portraits with Senior Photography Jodi Major of AFH Media


Talk to me. Tell me your ideas, your fears and your favorite things. Tell me your favorite locations and outfits and what you like to do. The more you communicate with me, the more on the same page we will be and the more you will like the finished product pictures. You can text me, call me, email me. Whatever is easiest. or we can get together in person and go over all of it!


I’ve got experience in this area. Making you look good in your Senior Pictures is my job and I’m good at it. just look at my Senior Gallery for some examples and inspiration. We’ll talk about your outfits and what you like. I will suggest accent pieces and jewelry to complement your outfit ideas and you’ll discover amazing images at the end. I have a location guide to help all of my booked clients decide where might be best for them. This is exclusive to high school seniors that have booked with majorCLICKS. That’s the ONLY way to see it!


This is the start of an amazing senior year and these senior pictures will help you to remember this awesome time in your life! We’ll laugh (even if it’s at my expense) and have fun. I’ll capture genuine smiles and you’ll remember the fun that you had that day for a lifetime when you look back at your print products.

Here’s a few more tips to make you feel more comfortable on your senior picture day:

Clean up that polish. Toes and fingers need to have fresh polish or no polish. Your hands will definitely be in your pictures. We don’t want to be distracted by chipped polish.

Choose clothing that fits properly. Baggy clothes or skin tight outfits will accentuate the negative, no matter your body type. Select items that make you look and feel your best.

Sticking with basic items and neutral colors helps your images to be timeless. Bring pops of color in your accessories, or if you’re a bright clothing person, bring 1-2 bright pieces(top or bottom) paired with neutral pieces(the opposite piece).

Think layers and accessories. Jackets, cardigans, sunglasses and hats. I LOVE HATS!

If you need more ideas, download my What To Wear Guide Here!

Are you ready to book your senior session? I’m booking September and October currently! Get on my schedule for your fall senior pictures ASAP! As a Lemoyne Senior Photographer, I’m so excited for fall senior sessions. I take care of surrounding areas, too. Last week, I photographed a Middletown High School Senior!

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