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Floral H2O Senior Photos

When you become a member of the AFHsenior Crew for your senior photos, you not only get Epic senior images, but you get fun stylized shoots. This year, I wanted to try something new with the crew. That's one of the things I love about having the crew. They are always so willing to jump in and try new things. This year, I had vision for Floral H2O senior photos and while schedules are busy and this is a crazy year, I had 5 girls who were able to join me in making this vision a reality!

Sometimes, we photographers get some crazy ideas and this was one of them. I had no idea where to start, other than I knew that I’d need a pool and flowers. So, several months ago, I reached out to a local florist, only to be told the week of the original Floral H2O session that there was a flower shortage and she wouldn’t be able to help with this project. A FLOWER SHORTAGE! That’s right, you read correct. A freaking flower shortage! So, we postponed the session until I saw a beautiful place that I’ve frequented before post on Facebook that they were blooming and ready for people to come pick their own flowers. YEAH!! So my oldest daughter and I headed to Country Joy Flowers in Elizabethtown, PA to pick our flowers. They were absolutely beautiful. The first picture is Kendra holding one of the buckets and the next 2 are some of the 6 vases we arranged of leftover flowers. My house smelled AMAZING and was so bright and colorful!

The rest was a learning experience and I can’t wait to do this session again in the future. I learned a lot, but I think that we captured some very beautiful images as well. The girls were super excited to get these posted on their Instagram feeds.

If you’re ready to schedule your senior photos, reach out. We have a couple of times booked at Country Joy Flowers that are still available and some amazing other locations ready to go. Click the CONTACT AFH button below and click senior portraits under the services menu

Families, you won’t want to miss our Fall Family Mini’s this year at Country Joy Flowers. Last year they were gorgeous. If you want to be the first to know when those dates are released, Click the CONTACT AFH button below and put fall mini's in the more info box.

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Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
08 ago 2021

These are such creative ideas for senior portraits! A flower shortage, LOL! Of all things to cause a problem, but I love the look with the real flowers!

Mi piace

07 ago 2021

A very creative and different take on senior portraits. I love the fact that you used real flowers. Beautiful work.

Mi piace

02 ago 2021

So FUN! I love these images you captured of your lovely team and the idea is so fantastic! You will have to do that again!

Mi piace

02 ago 2021

What an awesome idea for a creative shoot with seniors! They are beautiful!

Mi piace
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