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Best Location for Senior Photos | Central PA Senior Pictures

5 Location Ideas For Your Senior Session

Finding the perfect location for your Central PA Senior Pictures may not be as easy as you think. Are you a country girl? City girl? Girly girl? Sporty girl? You should have a session that is all about YOU! Let’s make that happen. Here’s my 5 ideas for finding a perfect location for your senior session.

1-Obviously, THE CITY!

But it doesn’t have to be Harrisburg. How about downtown York? Maybe even Philadelphia. I took a senior to Philly 3 years ago and while we didn’t actually shoot IN the city, we found some awesome graffiti just outside the city that made her shoot extra special to her. Now she goes to Drexel University in Philly and it makes those images even more special.

2-Grab a cup of coffee!

Local coffee shops have an awesome vibe. They are cozy and many make an awesome back drop for a quaint little senior session. Check out my session with Kayden, here on the blog!

3-Head to college early!

Heading to a local college campus can make for a wonderful location to capture your senior images. Central Penn, Messiah, HACC and more. Our area of Central PA is filled with wonderful colleges with beautiful campuses just begging to be your back drop

Dickenson College in Carlisle

4-Take to the trees!

Central PA is filled with and surrounded by some really beautiful parks and trails. One of my favorite is Negley Park in Lemoyne. With Harrisburg City as a backdrop as you stand in the green, green grass, you get the best of both worlds. Take a look at the images below for some ideas of what Negley Park has to offer.

There's also Wildwood Nature Center in Harrisburg. Serina chose to have her session there and it was beautiful.

5-Let’s play ball!

Baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields and more. Whatever your sport is, we can hit the field and capture it. Not a ball player? Let’s hit the fields of grass and make some magic happen.

The biggest tip I have to finding your perfect senior session locations is to talk to your photographer. This is what we do. Everywhere we drive, we look to see how this spot could be used in a session. My kids will tell you, everywhere we go I will say at least 5 times “wouldn’t this make a great spot for senior pictures?” We are forever scouting. Our brains do not turn off! So ask. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen!

NOW, let’s chat! Want to connect with some questions about a possible senior session with AFH Media, LLC? Contact me today! I can’t wait to hear from you!!!


Kelly Wagner Hite
Kelly Wagner Hite
Jun 10, 2021

Selecting locations can be so hard, this must help your clients immensely!


Jun 08, 2021

So many awesome locations for senior pictures in Central PA!


Jun 08, 2021

Yes, I love this list of locations for senior portraits in Central PA! Indoors, outdoors, urban, natural, you've got tons of wonderful ideas to help seniors choose the best locations for their session!

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