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5 Reasons You Need A 2nd Photographer At Your Wedding | Harrisburg Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of decisions to make for your Harrisburg Wedding. One of those is how many photographers you need. But how are you supposed to know how many photographers? You’re not a photographer, you’re a bride (or groom, or blog reader). It’s not your job to know what you need at your wedding. That’s our job and that’s the job of this blog. We’ll give you 5 reasons you need a 2nd photographer at your wedding below!

What is a second shooter or second photographer? A second wedding photographer is just that, another wedding photographer, photographing your special day with the main shooter, photographing different angles and locations and making sure that all of the details are captured.

Wedding veil over bride and groom

1. Get Wedding Pictures from different angles

Many times during your wedding day, being able to have another angle will come in handy. The first look (with the couple or with dad), the ceremony and reception. During the first look, it gives you both people’s reactions to the moment. During the ceremony, it allows you to see the big picture with guests and bridal party and the other photographer can be closer to the couple for all of the best facial expressions. At the reception, one photographer can be capturing all of the fun dancing and the other photographer can capture fun group shots and candid's.

2. Capture Both The Bride And Groom Getting Ready

Two photographers allow for all of the details and pre-wedding fun to be captured. We find that the bride often enjoys seeing the pictures of the groom and groomsmen getting ready, boutonnieres, cufflinks, jackets, shoes. All things that the bride doesn’t get to see.

3. Two Photographers Give You More Images

This one pretty much explains itself, but not only do you get more images than one photographer can give you, you get pictures you may not have seen with one. We can’t see what’s happening behind us, let alone photograph it, so being able to have a second photographer there to capture those things.

4. A second photographer can add a unique vision to the wedding day

One thing that we like about having a second photographer is that each wedding photographer brings their own unique way of seeing things. It gives you more variety in your images. AFH Media has a couple of second photographers that we like to work with and they see things differently, but have a similar style to Jodi, so your gallery of images is consistent with what you see in our galleries.

Unique perspective for couple's wedding

5.Allows two different areas of the venue to be covered at once

When you have a large venue, it’s tough to capture everything. No matter how speedy we walk or run, getting across a large venue in time to capture the special moments.

Both of AFH Media's top two packages include a second photographer so you don't have to worry about missing a moment at your wedding.

For all of our wedding photography and videography details, reach out today.


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