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Unique Nighttime Wedding Photos

Without night, we would never know the true splendor of light. The sky explodes with brilliance and brings our attention to things otherwise unseen.

Chris Lang


As a wedding photographer, creating unique, memorable images for you from your wedding day is something we always aim to do. Of course we will capture all of your Central PA Wedding Day memories that are important, but we also aim to give you something other photographers don’t. One of these options is night time wedding pictures. If you’re considering your timeline and how long you should have your photographer there, consider extending them a little longer into the evening to give you the opportunity to have night time images.

Nighttime wedding pictures create a very different style and mood than your traditional day time wedding photos. The entire color spectrum changes at night. In the daylight, you see more colors and a larger range of colors. At night, you see less.

We find some of the most powerful and romantic wedding pictures come by night. Low light photography is often considered the most difficult for event photography. Low light photography is not necessarily the most difficult but it is the most technical. So many factors go into low light photography. For this reason, many photographers will change a lot of their nighttime images to black and white.

AFH Media enjoys capturing night shots for our wedding couples because not only do they give you a dramatic and creative way to remember your special day, but we have a great time with the couples creating them. It also gives the couple an opportunity to steal away for a few minutes from the craziness of the reception.

Here are some of our favorite night time wedding images:

As a wedding photographer, we’ll take a look at the sunset time on your wedding day so we know how late you’ll need us to be there to get these epic images. We’ll take a look at the reception timeline to decide when would be best to sneak away for 15-20 minutes and allow us to capture you and your new spouse in the night. We’ll have already scouted the venue location for the best sites to have you stand for these images.

Talk to your photographer about your desire for night time photos and make sure to allot some time in the evening during the reception to slip out and capture some alone time!

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AFH Media is currently booking out to 2023 and beyond for weddings. If you're engaged, NOW is the time to get on our calendar!

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