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Do I Need A Wedding Videographer | Lemoyne Videography

You've got the venue booked and the date selected. Now the search for a photographer begins, but do you need a wedding videographer, too? Well, let us help you decide.

Photographs of your wedding are pretty much a non-negotiable. You want to make sure each detail is captured and nothing is left out. But consider this, video takes up WAY less space than photos. I'm sure you've all gone through your mother's or grandmother's wedding album. those ones that had the frilly lace on the cover? Where do they store them? Wedding videography takes you right back to the day and to each person's personality on that day. Videos have a way of capturing those moments and transporting you back to that amazing day! They can let you hear your grandmother’s laughter again or listen to your little niece sing to you when she was just knee high. It’s like having a priceless, living memory.

Especially in this post-COVID world, we all have family members that may not be able to make the wedding due to illness, the expense of traveling or other conflict. Having your wedding video to share with them on social media or even mail them a copy of their own makes it a gift that just keeps on giving. They’ll get to experience your big day as many times as they’d like, from the comfort of their own home.

How about your kids?

You may not have children now, but someday, those little people may want to see what mommy and daddy looked like and acted like back before they came into the world. Afterall, you are making history at your wedding; not just for your selves, but for them, too.

How many times have you looked through your parents or grandparents’ things? Their old pictures and videos. You probably think “WOW! Look how young mom and dad are!” or “What is that outfit?” or “look how little I was”. Having a wedding video is a great way to be able to pass on your personalities, voices and even maybe a Dad joke or two to your children and their children and maybe even their children. It’s something that can be easily uploaded to the cloud (which didn’t even exist way back then) and shared with family and friends. It also allows family members too “meet” people they may never have had the chance to in person. These videos can bring you back to life for those that you leave one day, and that’s a pretty powerful thing.

Mostly, these wedding videos are SO much more that just a snapshot of you and your spose on a special day. Having a wedding video allows you to time travel and relive one of the best days of your lives with family and friends that may never come together the same way again. Memories will fade as we age, but being able to re-watch these memories will take you back just like it was yesterday. It’s a special experience that you never have to lose and will be able to share for years to come. It helps create a family history for future generations and loving memories for you and your spouse.

If you’re undecided on a wedding videographer for your big day, our advice is to go for it. Get. The. Video! It's so much better to have something and not need it than to really want it and not have it!

If you've decided to jump into the wedding video world, AFH Media would love to work with you on capturing your special day. Reach out below.


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