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7 Must Have Wedding Photos | Harrisburg Wedding Photography

You've spent a lot of hours planning every detail of your wedding day. There are a lot of things you’ll want to remember and reminisce on from your BIG day. While some of these details may be obvious there are others that you might not have thought about, This list will give you some ideas of the must have shots you’ll want to look back on for years to come. As a Wedding Photographer, these are all on our "must have" list at every wedding. You'll never have to worry about AFH capturing these details and all the rest.

Don't Miss These on Your Wedding Day

1. Dress

OBVIOUSLY, right? There will be plenty of pictures of you IN your wedding dress and you've probably already taken hundreds on your phone, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to have a beautiful shot of your dress hanging in the morning sunlight before you put it on.

2. Rings

You’ll want your photographer to use their creative skills to take beautiful images of your wedding rings bands. A good wedding photographer will find the best light and get the most amazing ring photos.

3. Shoes

Your shoes may not get as much attention as they deserve on your wedding day, but they really bring your whole look together. Your dress probably covers most of them, but you'll want to make sure that they still are captured. We've seen some really amazing shoes on our brides.

4. Special Mementos

Whether it's a necklace, earrings or a special charm wrapped around your wedding bouquet to remember a loved one, these little mementos are something you’ll want to have documented. We've all heard the "Something Old, Something New" saying, right? So make sure to have all of those things captured.

5. Getting Ready

From getting your hair done and makeup done to being zipped and buttoned into your dress to having your jewelry put on, the getting ready shots are some of the most fun and sentimental.

6. Notes and Gifts

Many brides and grooms exchange little love notes or gifts before the wedding and the moment you read these sweet notes are definitely ones you will want to cherish and remember. Capturing those moments of opening the gift or reading those sappy words are ones that you'll want to remember.

7. Reception Details

You've probably planned many details at the reception and you'll want each one captured beautifully. Make sure to allow your photographer time to get into the reception prior to your guests arriving so they can capture the table settings, cake, guest books and more untouched.

AFH Media is sure to capture all of your wedding day details for you. Contact us today to see if we have your special day available!

2 comentarios

Brandi Price
Brandi Price
31 may 2022

What great reminders for Wedding Day must have photos! It's always a great idea to make a list ahead of the big day!

Me gusta

Jody A
Jody A
31 may 2022

Such a great list of reminders. Though many may seem obvious, wedding days get hectic and having a list to reference ensures none of these special moments are forgotten by the wedding photographer. Stunning images and useful information!

Me gusta
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