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5 Benefits Of Using Your Own Personal Branding Images | Harrisburg Brand Photos


Are you struggling with where and how to use your personal branding images?

I understand. As someone who captures other peoples images daily, I hesitated to want to post branding images of myself because I never thought people wanted to see me. But I was wrong. People LOVE to see the behind the scenes. People want to know what’s going on and how your company functions behind the scene. They can’t know that if we don’t show and tell them. Sharing images of myself in my marketing has allowed my introverted self to share a bit of what happens in my business. I can therefore suggest that others do, as well. Posts with you in the images will get the most interaction. It never ceases to amaze me how much people like to see my face. Lol.


5 Benefits to step outside of your comfort zone with branding images

Harrisburg Brand Photo of author

1.  Brand Recognition

By showing up and being myself online, I’m able to remind you that my business has a face behind it. What does your business stand for? Do your brand images show that? Show your smile, your colors, your laugh. Show your serious side and what you do behind the scenes.


2.  Authenticity

By showing your audience the behind the scenes, they get to connect with you on a more personal level. We’ve all heard the saying that people do business with people that they know, like and trust, right? Well, this is where you get to win them over. When you show your face, you’re creating touch points with your audience. You’re allowing them to see the real you. Show the good and the bad. We all have rough days and showing your audience those days helps you to be more real and your audience to connect with you more.


What topics are important to you? Share them with your audience.

Branding photo of woman on phone and laptop


3.  Professionalism

Everyone is a photographer now. We all have cell phones and many even have nice cameras and know how to push a button, but you can’t tell me that even a non-photographer can’t tell the difference between a professional image and a cell phone image.

Your business is professional. Your branding images should be, too,


4. Show Your Expertise

What expertise do you bring to your clients? What images can we create to show case this to your clients? These images will help your clients know that they are in good hands. Showing your expertise allows you to talk about services and offerings that only you offer to your clients. Set yourself apart from others in your field with branding images.

5. Inspire Your Audience

Using your own life and branding images as visuals is an encouraging and perfect way  to keep your audience engaged and make you REAL to them. When I post my own images, I end up with the best comments and conversation on my social media platforms. These conversations help me connect with my clients and potential clients and allow us to connect prior to becoming a client.

What’s your takeaway from this?

Leave a comment below with one of your takeaways of these 5 benefits of using your personal brand images.

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14 Απρ

Thank you for the simple reminder to actually use the images! I’ve had headshots and branding photos done multiple times and then I never use them.

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08 Απρ

It's so important to share your brand, personality and authentic self to stop the scroll. For me, the biggest takeaway from your post is AUTHENTICITY!

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