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4 Tips For What To Wear For Headshots | Lemoyne Headshots

Male headshot in grey suit jacket and red tie

1. Dress for the job you want

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This will radiate confidence, commitment and perseverance through the photograph. Dress a "level" above what you would typically wear to the office. When in doubt, dress up, not down. Research what the standard "dress code" is for your industry and use that information as inspiration. Avoid logos on your clothing as to not age or limit your photographs.

2. Suit-inspired silhouettes

Explore suit-inspired silhouettes with a tailored fit. This will exude professionalism and be more flattering to your figure than looser fitting items. Trust your photographer and let them pose you; they are experts in flattering angles!

3. Simple jewelry

Picture of woman in black jacket for business

Wear simple jewelry--nothing too trendy (will age your photo) or distracting. Shiny items tend to photograph poorly. Think simple pearls, diamonds (or an imitation) or studs. This is not the time for statement pieces! Remember, the focus is YOU, not your clothing, not your accessories. For the same reason, stay away from very tight or low cut tops. We want your face to be the focus ;)

4. Solid colors

Headshot of woman in white shirt and purple jacket

Solid colors photograph better than patterns in nearly every scenario, especially with headshots. Patterns, such as stripes, can be unforgiving as well as unflattering on camera. Less is more. Research shows that dark colors appear more authoritative and formal, while lighter colors exude more approachability and friendliness. Definitely stay away from neon's. Go with a neutral when in doubt! Consider bringing multiple outfits for variety so you may choose your favorite, and also have the option to use different headshots for different marketing purposes.

When's the last time you updated your headshot? Ready to use these tips to nail your outfit and get your session on the book? You can see more of AFH Media's headshot information and examples on the Lemoyne Headshots Page

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