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5 Errors With LinkedIn Headshots | Harrisburg Headshots

In this day and age, LinkedIn has become a top job search engine. One of the first steps when looking for a new job, is to update your LinkedIn profile photo. In fact, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet job candidates. (Source:,re%20a%20recruiter's%20perfect%20candidate.) An unprofessional profile photo can be one of the reasons that you get disqualified from your next job. We see LinkedIn Headshots all of the time with these errors!

Let us help you with 5 of the most common LinkedIn profile photo errors:

Error #1: Your photo doesn’t look like you anymore

We see this in headshots in general. You should update your headshot every two years at a minimum. We age, we change hair color, we get more gray, we gain or lose weight. All of these things cause us to not look like our headshot photo anymore.

Create a great first impression with LinkedIn recruiters and hiring managers by having a current headshot.

LinkedIn headshot of Allstate agent

Error #2: Unprofessional Dress

Deciding what to wear for your headshot can be a challenge. We’ve already got you covered with our “What to wear for Headshots” blog.

Stick to solid colors with little or no patterns/designs. Stay away from logo shirts unless it’s your business logo.

Error #3: Unprofessional Backdrop

Your industry will dictate the backdrop for your headshots. Outdoor, on location or studio. All are acceptable if your photographer knows what they’re looking for.

Outdoor: Sessions outside are a good option if you want something more natural and friendly, or if your job is focused on nature or you spend time outside in your profession.

Studio: Basic studio backdrops are usually the most common and professional for headshots. They are also the easiest for all involved as they aren’t weather dependent or light dependent.

On location: If your office is modern and professional, it may be a great location for your new headshot. This location can convey power/success, just make sure to clean up your office space before your photo shoot.

Error #5: You’re Using Your Cell Phone Photo

Cell phone cameras have come a long way, but they are still no match for your photographer's DSLR camera and their professional eye. Cell phone cameras' ultra wide-angle lens is usually unflattering. For anyone who looks at photos, the plain difference between a professional camera and a cell phone is obvious.

Business headshot

Error #5: Pose/Clothing is too formal/stiff

Being a professional doesn’t mean you need to look like a “suit”. An overly stiff LinkedIn headshot can make you seem uncomfortable or awkward. If you aren’t either of these things, your headshot shouldn’t be, either. You want to come across professional, confident, like-able AND competent in your headshots.

BONUS Error:

In case you haven’t noticed, most people don’t have amazing white teeth, no stray hairs or no bags under their eyes. However, yellow teeth, acne and stray hairs can be very distracting in a headshot. A good headshot should have effective, yet subtle editing that removes distracting elements.

Invest in an updated headshot and up your interviews. Avoid these errors and you’ll get yourself an amazing new LinkedIn headshot

If you’d like to update your headshot, check out our Headshot Page and get yourself booked today and an interview from LinkedIn tomorrow. Follow AFH Media on LinkedIn.

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