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Surprise Proposal | Harrisburg Wedding Photos

The holiday's are a VERY popular proposal time for couples and surprise proposals are so exciting, but you'll want someone there to capture the memories for both of you. You will hire a photographer for your Harrisburg Wedding photos, why not start out with a photographer capturing the day you pop the question? AFH Media would love to help you pull off the surprise and capture all of the emotions. We've got a few tips to help the day go perfect.

Dress Appropriately

Make sure to tell your soon to be fiancé to dress nicely. Preparation leading up to the proposal is very important. When you look back at your marriage proposal photos, you're going to want to be glad about the outfit that you chose and happy that you are a well dressed couple in your pictures. What you wear will also depend on your location.

When you're planning your proposal day, think about what you're going to wear. If you're going to be outside at a vineyard or inside at a special restaurant, dress accordingly!

Are you going to propose at a flower field in the summer? Don’t wear a tux, you’ll be sweating and it’ll be visible in the photos. Wear something that is nice, but casual and relaxed.

Now, how do you get your soon-to-be fiancé in nice outfit? Maybe tell her that you're heading to a flower field and want to hire a photographer for some nice photos of the occasion. Propose during the photo session.

If you want it to be during date night, tell her to dress up! Pay for her manicure for your date night! Or ask her bestie to schedule a manicure the week of the proposal if you want to throw her off a bit.

Consider the Weather

This goes along with dressing accordingly. Make sure you plan in advance and dress for whatever the weather is calling for. Any weather situation can still become a beautiful proposal moment, you just need to be prepared! Take a look at the above images. This day was misty, VERY overcast and foggy.

If it’s cold out and you’re both freezing, it won’t be such an enjoyable moment. Make sure you’re both dressed warm and cozy. Consider someplace that might have a fire pit or outside "warm" area.

If it’s rainy, lead her to a dry spot. You don’t want her feet all wet, or to have to get on one knee in a puddle to propose. If it’s a light trickle, you can consider some clear umbrellas. It’ll look nice in photos and keep you both dry. AFH has you covered with the clear umbrella's!

A good photographer will also help you find the perfect spot at the place that you'd like to propose to make sure that your images, and surprise proposal are perfect!

Make Sure You Both Have Eaten

Just ask mom. Eating before any big event is always a great idea. Anxiety and nerves will be high and you don't want to crash because you haven't eaten or hydrated. Include food and water in your pre-surprise part of the day.

This will also ensure that no one is "hangry" for this special moment.

Make Sure Any “Extras” Are Out Of The Way

Did you stop for coffee or to eat on the way? Ask her to set the take out box down or walk to the car first. If she's holding a purse or extra jacket, maybe suggest a selfie RIGHT HERE and ask her to set everything down. Take the selfie and then walk her a few steps from the "pile" and propose.

Does she have a purse, jacket/cardigan with her? You’ll want to try your best to get her to put those down too!

If your soon-to-be fiancé has started to realize what is going on, the emotions may be hitting the roof. In this case, just take her things, set them down and lead her to the proposal spot!

This is the actual moment that AFH Media owners, Matthew and Jodi got engaged. Matthew had arranged for Jodi's daughter to capture the moment on their phones.

Stay On That Knee

We know that while you're waiting for the answer, it can feel like an eternity, but to give your photographer a chance to capture all of the emotions of the moment, we suggest that you stay on your knee a moment longer than feels comfortable.

Get down on your knee, open the ring box, take her hand and stay there an extra couple of seconds. It may feel awkward, but keep in mind that while this moment is crazy for you and feels like it's been forever, there's a photographer trying to capture it for your kids and grandkids to see some day. Take a breath and slow down

Have The Photographer Take Engagement Pictures

Talk to your photographer about staying a little after the surprise engagement and taking some official engagement photos. If family is in on the surprise, include them in the photos. These make for wonderful memories of this special day!

Are you planning a surprise engagement? AFH Media would love to capture this special moment for you. Contact us today to discuss your plans and see how we can be a part of them!


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