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What Senior Photos Do You Need | Senior Photographer

So, you’re a senior and you’re kind of a big deal, right? Right! It’s the end of one season of life and beginning of another. Senior Photographers, for this reason, think that senior photos are also a big deal. So how do you know you’ll get the senior photos you need?

When your parents were seniors, our pictures consisted of going to our high school for like five minutes, putting on a drape for the girls or a suit for the guys, sitting on a stool and smiling for the camera. You’d get maybe 5 pictures to choose from. Your parents MIGHT have had the option of outdoor senior photos, depending where they grew up, but those certainly couldn’t be used for the yearbook. In fact, many schools in our area now, still don’t allow those images in the year book. This is part of the reason that AFH Media does what we do. We want you to have senior photos that show who YOU are, not who the school thinks you should be memorialized as!

So, here’s a few photos we think seniors should have:

A Few Full Length Shots:

Horizontal Images:

A Fun Location:

Your School Could Be a Great Location:

Something To Include Your Sport or Activity:

Cap and Gown:

Some Schools Require a Traditional Formal Shot For Yearbook:

Now that you have ALL of the photos, what do you do with them? Take a look at our products blog for all of our favorite ideas for displaying your EPIC senior photos! If you’d like to see all of our products, contact us to set up a consultation and come in to the studio.


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