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Items you don't want to forget on your wedding day | Central PA Wedding Photos

I'm a wedding photographer and I've seen many items forgotten on wedding days. Sometimes, that item is pretty important. I thought I'd give you a cheat sheet to help you not miss a thing. We want to make sure that your Central PA Wedding photos aren't left missing details.

The Marriage License:

Shocking, right? Make sure that your officiant brings it, you sign it and that the officiant files it with the appropriate county office in a timely fashion. Most officiants are used to this process, so it's not something to worry about. As long as you bring it to the wedding, all is well. Consider putting your mom or maid of honor in charge of making sure it gets to the site and then reminds everyone to sign it.

The Wedding Rings:

Obviously, one of the most important items, but often forgotten in the crazy rush to get to the chapel! Make sure that you put someone in charge of the rings and make sure that they know that they are in charge of getting those rings to the ceremony.

Invitation & RSVP:

Our couples love to have the picture with the invitation and/or RSVP. It's a wonderful detail shot to capture and save for all time. Many times, it is not brought to the ceremony site! We suggest that you put the cards in a bag (maybe with the License) and make sure it is put with the things you will bring with you. Another great idea is to put all of these items in one envelope or folder to bring to the site.

An Emergency Kit:

Wedding day 911–having a kit with items to fix any details like a ripped seam or small stain can make your day go smoother. In my experience, if it can happen, it will happen. No worries for you, though. As your wedding photographer, I'll have the emergency kit with me. Stain stick, sewing kit, Band-Aids, safety pins, lint roller and more.

Underneath it all:

You've had your dress fitted based on what you plan to be wearing underneath. Don't forget the items that will lift and tuck you in all the right places so your gown shows you off in the best way possible. Another idea for a great wedding day picture, many brides will bring a beautiful robe and maybe even one for each of your bridal party.

Cake Knife:

If you receive a cake knife as a gift at your engagement party or bridal shower, make sure to let us know. We make sure to take pictures of the cake, but if there's a special knife involved, we need to know so that we make sure to capture it, too.

What items have you heard of that were forgotten on someone's wedding day? I hope these reminders will help you to not forget anything and have a smooth wedding day.

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