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Harrisburg Wedding Vendor Spotlight | Cece's Cake Shop

Finding the right Harrisburg wedding vendors for your big day can be difficult. There's Facebook groups, website's and word of mouth. But even then, how do you decide who is right for you? AFH Media, LLC is starting a new blog series this month to help you answer that exact question. We'll highlight local to Harrisburg, PA wedding vendors and help you get the details you need to decide if they are right for your special day!

Our first vendor is Cecilia Davis, owner of Cece's Cake Shop LLC of Harrisburg.

We asked Cecilia a few questions about her business and then she joined Jodi in the AFH Media studio for some pictures. She decorated this beautiful cake right before our eyes.

What type of business is it?

In-home custom cake shop

How long have you been in business?

8 months

What are your hours and location?

Online/via social media/9a.m.-7p.m. availability

Tell me about your business - what do you do?

I specialize in custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and vegan desserts. I attend expos, pop-up shops, and in the near future I am working on co-hosting a few events to supply their desserts. Ordering is currently down online, but via Facebook, Instagram, or call/text you're able to place an order. Online ordering through the site will be available soon!

Tell me about YOU! Why did you choose to do what you do?

I've loved cake decorating for years, but during 2020, I was laid off from PA Bakery for 2 months. I fell into a deep depression & was eager to go back. It was only when I was able to return that it hit me: I'm giving them too much power! In the same month I went back, I registered my LLC, and quit. I picked up a part time job in the meantime while I worked towards my cake business, and as of 11/15/20, I have been only working for myself.

Who was/is your biggest supporter in starting your own business?

My husband. I put him through the ringer with how messy the kitchen gets, how unavailable on weekends I am, how I'm constantly out shopping for supplies, but he gets it. There's not a lot of men that genuinely have an aptitude for their spouses success, it can sometimes be the husband that has his head down in his work all the time. It feels good to know I have him to hold me up when things get a little heavy.

What other local wedding vendor do you just LOVE! Why?

In Lancaster, House of Clarendon, another cake shop. I am so inspired by them! I visited for the first time, but I had their cake a few years ago, and it was fantastic! The look of their showroom is so clean, skilled, symmetrical, and the owner is kind, but you can tell he is very firm in his craft. I absolutely love it.

Outside of your business, what are you passionate about?

I'm becoming more passionate about my health. I realize gluten has such a negative impact on me, and now I'm working towards a gluten free lifestyle.

How do you make a couple's wedding day better?

I provide a 6-cupcake tasting completely free of charge! This allows for one less thing to consider financially, and gets them one step closer to a smooth Wedding Day!

How long before a couple's big day should they contact you to book?

I would recommend a minimum of 4 months, but the sooner the better! There will be a tasting, a follow-up to determine flavors, the design aspect, and that provides enough time should any special extras need ordered etc.

If you're ready to reach out to Cece, you can contact her at:

If you're ready to book your wedding consultation with AFH Media for photography and/or videography, you can do so below!


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