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First Dance Romance | Harrisburg Wedding Photographer

First Dance Magic

As wedding photographers, we are part of some really magical moments with our brides and grooms.

The first dance as husband and wife is one of those moments. We enjoy capturing the posed first dance pictures, looking at the camera, but then we like to step back and capture the magic naturally. They–well, the Bride, probably–has been planning this moment for a long time, carefully selecting the music, deciding when or if others will join in, etc. After the first little bit, most couples tend to totally forget they are the center of attention–and that is when you can get some magical pictures. These are sometimes our favorite moments of the day.

Bride and groom first dance

Kelsey and Chris shared their first dance at Three Gables Barn in Carlisle, PA. Kelsey was so emotional during their first dance. It made for some really wonderful images and memories.

We like to use Black and White as well as color during the First Dance. We love the way Black and White tends to minimize the background and makes you focus on the Couple. Some images just speak louder in Black and White, don't you think?

This is Jillian and Je'Quan. Sometimes, first dances aren't as romantic and they are a free for all. Sometimes, there's so much emotion. Je'Quan was one of those grooms. This first dance was full of passion, for sure.

One of the reasons that AFH Media loves photographing weddings so much is because they are all so different. While most of the elements are the same, each couple is vastly different and this makes for totally different experiences throughout the day! Especially during the first dance, each couple has a different way of relating to each other and this is really evident when they dance together and in the music that they choose. Some people are more playful, some are more serious. Some people have highly choreographed dances, some people just hang out and sway. That is what is magical.

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