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Senior Picture Ideas For Any Season in Central PA

We don't believe that there is any one "Best season for senior pictures"! While many seniors book their senior sessions the summer before senior year, that doesn't have to be the case!

Summer senior pictures can be so much fun! You'll have to decide if the potential 100 degree weather is worth it, but we can start pretty early in the mornings to avoid that as best we can. If tank tops, shorts, sundresses and maybe hopping in the lake seem more like you, then a summer senior session could be perfect!

What about spring senior pictures?

No, they aren't too early! And they aren't too late if you are just about to graduate in May or June. If you can do it, I would opt for scheduling your senior session in the spring. The weather is beautiful and it gets you ahead of the game. The only issue is rain, but there's always rescheduling. Yearbook deadlines sneak up on us super fast. Some of the Central PA yearbook deadlines are in September! That doesn't give us much time for creating your senior portraits. So book your session early if you can :)

If pretty flowers, a cool breeze and sunshine are your thing, then a spring senior session is for you! p.s. if you play a fall sport, then a spring session is DEFINITELY for you because of the craziness of summer and fall practice schedules!

Maybe a fall senior session is more your thing . . .

If you aren't concerned about purchasing a yearbook ad or using your custom senior pictures in it, then you definitely have some flexibility for scheduling. Fall sessions are GORGEOUS! We love the warm colors and fall senior images seem to fit any style of home. Plus, layers and leaves and football . . . so, yeah. I love fall sessions too!

Want something totally different for your senior pictures?

Opt for a winter session! These can be so much fun. Now, if you've lived in Pennsylvania for long you know that it could be 40 degrees one week and 5 degrees the next. Or heck, within the same day! Actually as I'm writing this it is 65 in February! So, you can get multiple looks with winter sessions with layers. Here's some fun winter senior pictures with our model team. I went with a matte, editorial look on this session and these images and love the feel of them.

So if you are up for an adventure, a winter senior session can be beautiful too!

SEE! There's a perfect season for every senior's session!

Whatever the season you choose for your senior session AFH Media would love to be the photographer to share it with you. If you are interested in booking a senior session just click the button below and we'll get in touch real soon ;)

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Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
Feb 28, 2022

You make every season perfect for senior pictures! Each season shows such a different look, certainly every high school senior will be able to choose what they love most! I think my favorite is the summer images, the one of the girl flipping her hair in the water is fabulous!

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