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York Senior Photos | Logan's Senior Session

When you schedule your senior pictures, unless you book a studio session, be prepared for weather issues. When Logan scheduled his York Senior Photos, it was in August and that’s always a tricky month. Heat and rain are always contenders to making your August senior photos touchy. Logan’s session was no different. We rescheduled once because of heat (I think it was to be over 100 that day) and the day we finally got to do his pictures at the scenic overlook in Wrightsville, PA was no different. It was cloudy and overcast, but we were sure the rain would hold off…

We were wrong. As you can see by the blurry rain drops on some of these pictures!

We hiked up to the top of the overlook and made it just in time for the rain to start. We grabbed a few pictures before it was too much and we headed back down to our cars. Keeping camera gear dry when walking down a large hill with a camera and flash is SO MUCH FUN!!

We hung out in our cars for a little until the rain had mostly stopped and we could finish his session. You can see in these pictures that Logan’s mom took behind the scenes how wet Jodi’s shirt is.

But after all of the rain and wind, we captured some awesome senior photos for Logan and his family to remember this special time in their lives. The horse across the street even made an appearance in Logan’s photo.

Logan’s mom had this cute 2022 prop made for him. It was a nice prop to use in his pictures to memorialize this time. And his bow tie, I mean seriously! So handsome, right?

When you work outside, you’ve got to be ready for any conditions. Our goal is to make you look your best, no matter the weather and circumstances. Senior photos are your last big picture chance before your wedding day! Make them special and memorable.

If you’re ready to schedule your Spring Senior Session, reach out to AFH Media today! Hit the contact button below!


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