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Cumberland Valley Senior Pictures | Mechanicsburg Senior Photos

Natalie is the sister of a senior that I photographed a couple of years ago. I love when I have families come back for younger siblings senior sessions. This Cumberland Valley senior pictures were just what Natalie and her mom were looking for. Siblings are different and their sessions should be different. At AFH, we customize your session to you and your likes. Not what your sibling wanted. Natalie's session was completely different from his sister's and her edgy vibe came across in some amazing ways. Just keep reading and scrolling to see some of her Mechanicsburg senior photos.

We had a couple of reschedules do to weather and then a change in location for a baseball game, but we were finally able to get onto City Island and capture the pictures that Natalie’s mom had in mind for her.

We then ventured into Harrisburg city for the remainder of her session. Harrisburg has so many amazing nooks and crannies to be found when you just wander around a little bit. Murals, steps and cool doorways are some of our go to locations when we visit Harrisburg for sessions.

Jodi has been waiting for one of her High School Senior girls to pull off the Doc Martin’s and skirt look and Natalie rocked it, for sure. This girl has no idea how beautiful she is, inside and out and seeing her pictures at their gallery reveal, hopefully helped her see it a little bit. She was all in for trying things that Jodi suggested and allowed her to try poses that complemented all of Natalie’s sides. We certainly got her sweet and innocent side as well as her sassy and beautiful sides!

Natalie finished out her outfits in some mom jeans that looked super cute on her! Who would've thought that the jeans mom's have been wearing forever would be fashionable for teens now? :)

If you’re looking for a photographer for your upcoming senior pictures, it’s not too early to reach out for the class of 2022 or if you were waiting for Spring for class of 2021 pictures, now is the time to book and get your name in the calendar!

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Andrea Sollenberger
Andrea Sollenberger
14 déc. 2021

Isn't it wonderful to have families who are repeat customers! Loved these Cumberland Valley Senior Photos! Natalie looks like she is really having fun!

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