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How To Use Your New Headshot

When clients reach out to us about a new headshot, they usually are in a bind and need it for work or for an updated LinkedIn profile picture. But why do you get all dolled up to just use your new, awesome headshot in one place? Having a headshot that you truly love deserves to be shown to the masses, not just LinkedIn. We’ll help you decide on other places to use your new images below!


YES, people actually still print images of themselves or people that they love. More than just for marketing your business or job, your images are worth so much more. Here’s a list of ways you may want to consider using your new headshot:

  • Business cards: This one may seem obvious, but many don’t include their picture on their card. We find that including your picture will help potential clients to better remember who you are. It’s one thing to see your name on the card. It’s another to see your name and face.

  • Marketing material: YES, people still use print marketing and it’s still an effective tool when used properly. Using your headshot in a brochure or flyer with what problem your business solves or what your business offers helps people to associate you with what you do.

  • Wall Art (YES, at your business): Picture this (teehee!) - when a client walks into your office and sees a picture of you or your actual staff doing what you do best, it has a bigger impact than when you use a generic stock photo. Use this as a visual introduction to you, your team, your brand, and your processes. You may even find that instead of sitting on their phones while they wait for you, they may actually be up on their feet looking at the images and engaging with them.

  • Magazines, billboards, and even newspapers are also great opportunities to include your printed photo.


Online is where it’s at, right? We all have an online presence that we need to make sure is up to date. We include digital files with all of our branding and headshot sessions. When we send you your gallery and you download your images, BACK THEM UP! We suggest that you back them up to 2 DIFFERENT locations (ie: cloud, hard drive, USB, external drives, and more). So now, where can you use your images online?

  • Profile Photos: This is the most popular use of a new headshot. An up to date headshot helps people to stand out on social media. Have you heard the phrase “stop the scroll”? An updated image of you or your staff will do this. It will stop potential clients scrolling on social. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Update those profile pictures.

  • Your email signature: When you use your image in your email signature, you are, just like a business card, reminding the person on the receiving end, who you are. Set yourself a step above the rest and increase your brand recognition with all of your emails.

  • Website: Use your updated headshot on more than your “About Me” section of your website. When you include a branding session, you are able to use more than stock photos on your website. This allows you to put you, and/or your staff in your website images, thus, increasing your brand recognition and client connection.

  • Zoom or other sites you use to communicate with clients: This may be an after thought for many, but since COVID and all of us going virtual, making sure people know what you ACTUALLY look like like is SO IMPORTANT! Don’t scare off your potential clients with your high school yearbook image.

Where else can you think of?

Some headshots are pretty simple, but if you spent time on planning outfits, hair and makeup, taking time off (of work or home), purchasing images, don’t just leave them in a file somewhere. Put your new headshots and/or branding images to work for you. YOU are your business marketing.

Where else have you used your headshots/branding images? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to help our clients with all of the ideas that we can!

Ready for your updated branding images or headshots? AFH Media is your go to source!


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