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What to Wear For Fall Family Pictures

Choosing what to wear for your Fall Family Pictures can be difficult. Especially for moms. If you search Family Photos Near Me, you'll find TONS of photographers ready and waiting to take your fall family pictures. Choosing the best one for you is the first battle. Choosing outfits for the family is the next. My biggest tip...

Dress yourself FIRST.

I know, this is the LAST thing we think of, but when mom feels comfortable and confident, the session is already on the road to success. If you downloaded my TOP 3 TIPS you're well on your way to a successful session. Pair them with dressing mom FIRST and you are headed in the fight direction, for sure. But just to give a little more to you, here's 3 more tips.

Family Photo TIP 5?

I don't really know if this is tip 5 or 4 but anyway, choose practical clothing. Your kiddos are already in for "behaving" for much longer than they probably care to, so putting them in clothes that they are uncomfortable in won't help. Itchy fabrics or a hot sweater on a warm day won't help them smile their best. Keep them comfortable in clothes they don't mind being in.

Family Photo TIP 6?

Limit bold patterns and logos. Having several family members wear busy patterns will distract form the point of the picture...the family. Avoid items that clash and stick with one pattern or textural element for your portrait session.

Family Photo TIP 7?

Lay each family member's outfit together to see how they coordinate. As a Family photographer, I encourage my families to send me pictures of their outfits so that I know what to expect and can help them to plan or make any adjustments that may help make their images more appealing. Ask if your photographer minds helping you. They know what looks good in fall family pictures.

If you need some more ideas on outfits and colors, take a look at my Pinterst Board.

I'll be releasing upcoming Fall sessions, soon. The Fall Family Mini's will be held at Country Joy Flowers in Elizabethtown. Trust me, you will want one of these limited sessions. This location is BEAUTIFUL and makes a great backdrop for your Fall family pictures.

Ok, I just can't make you wait any more!!! You can book your fall family session NOW at the button below. 4 dates to choose from. September 28 5-6:30, October 2 4-6, October 5 5-6 and October 16 4-6.

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kelleen Hite
kelleen Hite
16 sept 2021

These tips are amazing! And so RIGHT! Dressing mom first for the win! I love the fall colors in Pennsylvania! These are so gorgeous and show your skill with families! Love it!

Me gusta

Andrea Sollenberger
Andrea Sollenberger
10 sept 2021

Giving tips for family photography is just what moms and dads need when they are searching for the best way to represent their family. Gorgeous family portraits to demonstrate your excellent family photos tips advice!

Me gusta

Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
04 sept 2021

Anyone that is having family pictures should be following these tips! My favorite is to always, always dress mom first! Then have everyone coordinate, which is what you show in all of these gorgeous family portraits!

Me gusta
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