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Photo Session Details | Harrisburg Photographer

When it comes to photos, sometimes it feels like there are so many things to think about it that it can be overwhelming, especially if you have a family that you are trying to get ready for the session. Today I’ve made a list of things to think about to help you remember some important things to double check before you session.

It never fails, when we get to a senior session, mom will be saying, “Oh my gosh, you are wearing that!?” Or, “I totally forgot to change him out of that shirt!!” or "she was clean until about halfway here". So hopefully this list will help you think about the small things before you head out the door. Use it as a checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

  1. Location and season. Keep in mind the location that you are going to. If you are going out to a field, it’s probably not a good idea to wear high heels. If you are having summer photos, you probably shouldn’t be wearing a sweater and winter boots. Talk with your photographer about where the location is and some ideas for appropriate clothing for the location.

  2. T-shirts. I love a guy in a t-shirt in jeans so I’m not saying don’t wear them. Just make sure they aren’t graphic tees. Graphic t-shirts tend to change with the year, so it can date your finished images quickly. Plus, graphics take away from why we're taking the pictures...the subject.

  3. Bras. Make sure that your bra is not showing through your shirt and that your bra straps are fully under your shirt. It will make the whole session very difficult for you, as you will constantly be worried about your bra. We do have double sided fashion tape at each session if a little help is needed in keeping clothing in place

  4. Hair. Yes, I’m well aware that everyone checks their hair before a photoshoot…most likely several times. But just let me say this. If you have long hair, don’t pull it back in a pony. Or if it does need to be pull up, leave half of it down. Pulling all your hair up in a pony can make it look like you don’t have hair is straight on shots…especially if it’s a super tight slick pony. I understand they look super chic but for the sake of a photoshoot, let’s show off your gorgeous hair.

  5. Shoes. Even though a lot of times shoes are not in the photos, we photographers do sometimes take walking shots or have you sit with your legs bent or curled up under you. So, shoes do need to be doubled checked. Make sure they go with your clothing choice. Make sure they are clean as well. Check the sole out, too. Make sure there's no large stains or marks. The more you do now, the less editing we have to do later

  6. Wear clothes that you will be able to move around in for the type of session that you are planning. If you are wanting to run, and jump, and play it’s probably not a good idea to wear a tight, short skirt or a top that comes up to high every time we move.

  7. Makeup. If you are not having your makeup professionally done for your session, bring your favorite products with you, just in case you need a touch up or if you would like to change your look.

AFH Media has an "OS BAG" (Oh shoot, bag) at every session, because sometimes the wind just won’t cooperate or if you forget or a clothing item tears or because…life. And photoshop can do a lot but it can’t do everything and lengthier edits are not included in your session fee, so it's best to be prepared.

It's a lot to think about before your family, senior or headshot session, but don't sweat it. You will get preparation emails along the way to help you feel 100% ready for your session with us.

If you need more information about a session with AFH Media, click one of the links below.

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