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Wedding Day Mishaps | Camp Hill Wedding Photographer

As a Camp Hill Wedding Photographer, we’ve seen some crazy things happen at weddings. Photographers are a part of the entire day, so if it’s going to happen, we’re going to see it. However, being in the wedding industry long enough, we are able to prevent some wedding day blunders. That’s what this blog is all about. Not to scare you, but to make you think of some things that you may not have when planning your big day. This blog came about when we were photographing a wedding last month with a sparkler exit, so let’s start there…

Sparkler Exits

While overall, these aren’t a bad idea, they do need to be done with caution and attention. While photographing a sparkler exit last month we saw the tip of a sparkler fly off and land directly in the bride's ear. We didn’t realize what was happening and happened to capture her glowing ear. So, our advice for sparkler exits is to start early to round up all of the drunk people and then leave plenty of room for the bride and groom to walk between the people holding the sparklers. You may also want to ask the sparkler holders to keep them in the air and still so that if anything does fall off, it hopefully falls straight to the ground and avoids the sweet couple all together.

Sparkler Exit at York Wedding

Aisle Runners

While you may be trying to cover up that hideous carpet in the church or make a stark white walkway for the bride, these can create quite a tripping hazard. They tend to wrinkle up at all of the wrong spots and when you’re dealing with a host of women in heels, this isn’t an ideal situation.


Back to that fire issue above, candles placed on tables or entry ways where people may be intoxicated or not paying attention can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Use caution when lighting real candles around florals and linens. While they add beauty to your location, consider fake candles to avoid guests knocking them over and catching an entire table on fire. Or add floating candles to tall glass vases with water. Hopefully if these are knocked over, the water will extinguish the fire before reaching the table cloth or flowers.


While roses are a beautiful option for your special wedding day, make sure that your florist cuts all of those pesky thorns off of them before delivering. There’s nothing worse than walking down the aisle with a bloody finger from getting pricked on your flowers. I’m sure that most florists are pros at this and take care of it, but on the off chance that they don’t having some band aids ready may be a good idea.

So what wedding day blunders have you seen happen? When we were doing research on this topic, we got lots of them, but these were the top mentioned mishaps.

At AFH Media, we do our best to help you avoid any potential wedding mishaps. We’re happy to work with you and talk about any and all of your concerns beforehand.


Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
Jul 06, 2022

Wow, I have never thought about these wedding mishaps! Lots to think about and remember on your wedding day so you don't make these mistakes. Great post Jodi!


Brandi Price
Brandi Price
Jul 01, 2022

As a wedding photographer I am sure you all see all kinds of crazy things! The list here gives future brides things to think about to try and minimize any mishaps on her big day!

AFH Media
AFH Media
Jul 05, 2022
Replying to

Brandi, you have no idea. Wedding photographers see it all. More than we need to, probably. lol

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