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Video Content Ideas For Small Businesses | Harrisburg Videographer

Video is where it’s at, but we weren’t all born videographers, right? Some day's we as small business owners struggle to even get content posted. How do you create content for your small business that anyone will care about? What content should you include in your posts? Let our Harrisburg Videographer help you with 3 ideas for video content for your small business.

Product Demonstration Video

This could be anything that you sell or offer to your clients. Here at AFH Media, we offer image boxes to our clients. If we just tell you that we sell image boxes, that doesn’t mean much to you. However, if we post a video showing you what an image box is and how beautiful it is, now you know.

Customer Testimonial Video

Even better than a Google review is an actual video of a client telling your potential clients how wonderful your services are and how glad they are to have chosen to work with you.

Behind the Scenes

People want to know what happens behind the scenes. They want to see the nitty gritty and know what to expect when they use your services. As you can see in our behind the scenes of our FIERCE Over 40 sessions, we have a lot of fun and create some wonderful results that the ladies are super happy with. Show your clients what it’s like to be on the phone with you, or what it’s like to have you paint or power wash their house.

Videos don’t have to be long. According to a Google search, the average attention span for someone watching a video is 8 seconds. You’ve been reading this blog longer than that. If you aren’t a born videographer and have no idea where to start, hire a pro. If you have some technical abilities, get out your smart phone that you paid all that money for and put your camera to use.

AFH Media can help you create all of your video marketing for your social media and website! Reach out today for a quote

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Brandi Price
Brandi Price
Jul 01, 2022

Video is so important in marketing small businesses right now! These are all great ways to give potential clients an inside look at what you can provide them.

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