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Business Branding Photography

What is business branding photography? It's the best way to show your clients who they are working with and helps them to get to know like and trust you. You spend countless dollars every year on marketing and probably use stock images to do so because you don't want to be in front of the camera, or you don't know how to be in front of the camera or no one has ever told you how to be in front of the camera. Don't let any of that stop you from letting AFH Media help you create some amazing branding images to show your clients what happens behind the scenes.

PaySmart Payroll Specialists in Mechanicsburg had their first quarterly Business Branding Session a couple of months ago. AFH Media is working with them to capture quarterly images so that they always have up to date images for social media, blogs and of course marketing pieces. We captured new headshots for each employee as well as branding images for them to use.

Business Branding Photography sessions include the commercial release so that you are able to use the images in marketing as fits your company best. Use branding images in your blog posts, Facebook and Instagram posts and definitely on LinkedIn. AFH Media starts with a storyboard questionnaire to help plan your session. This helps us to write story’s that we’ll use to showcase your business and what goes on behind the scenes. When we create a plan to show the highlights of your business, your session goes smoothly and you end up with images that help bring new clients to your business and increase revenue.

If your business is in need of some new marketing material and branding images that show off your company, contact AFH Media today. We’ll work with you to create branding images in a fun and easy session. We offer a couple of session options to help you get the coverage that you are needing for your business. For more information, click below:


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