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Props For Your Central PA Senior Photos

Books, instruments, PROPS, OH MY!

The next question after, “what should I wear to my senior session” that we hear the most is “what should I bring”? This list continues to grow over the years that we’ve been photographing, but one of the things we always recommend is PROPS! Props help to take your session from good, to GREAT, because they help to tell YOUR story!

Over the last 12 years, you’ve had many ups and downs, and even more changes, but they have shaped you, and this is your chance to tell that story. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t suggest a prop in every photo, but using them will add your personality and style which will make the session more about you. Here are a few ideas to think on, and get some ideas, but you can head over to our Pinterest board to get more!

· Do you play a sport? Bring some equipment, your ribbons, a team jacket or pompoms.

· Love to bake? Bring your spatula, whisk and cupcake pans.

· Play an instrument? Let's make some music.

· Love to travel? Maybe a vintage suitcase, an old map (aren't they all old now?) or postcards form your favorite locations

· Is music your thing? lets add some air pods, or beats, and a record album or player!

· Love your car? Of course you do. Let's show it off, someday you will love to look back and see your ride!

· Do you sing? act? bring a costume you have worn, or your playbills or a microphone or let's take to the stage!

· Love makeup? bring ALL your crazy palettes! They add so much color!

· Obsessed with a certain food or drink? Dunkin’ or Starbucks are great choices but cereal and candy work too! How about popcorn? Let's pop it and toss it

· Love photography? We have vintage and polaroid cameras that you're welcome to use, but you may have some too!

· Artist at heart? let’s add some blank canvases and paint, or use whatever your medium is!

· Love to read, or at the top of your class? Lets get some fun books! Add your favorite subject or books!

· Love flowers, camping, shopping, or your dogs?? Whatever it is, lets have some fun and make it personal!

If you enjoy it, we can include it. We love making memories with you! Reach out today to get your senior session on the books with AFH Media!


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