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Personal Brand Photos 101 Part 3 | 5 Tips To Prepare For Your Session

Preparing for your Personal Branding Photography Session

In our first two blogs about Personal Brand Photos, we talked about what a Personal Brand Photo session is and what types of pictures you should consider including. In this final blog, we'll discuss 5 tips to prepare for your session.

All of the personal brand photo sessions that we do are different. Each of our clients and what they want from the session is different, so each session should be different. The suggestions below are helpful for every small business looking into personal brand photos, but they are just that, tips. Choose the ones that work best for your business and brand and what you want to portray to your clients.

Tip 1: Plan your clothing. When you feel your best, you will look your best in your personal brand photos. What are your brand colors in your logo and other marketing? Use that as a starting place. We encourage you to have multiple outfits and bring them to your session. We’re happy to go over them with you and help you choose what will look best in your personal brand photos.

Tip 2: Hair and Makeup–plan for this ahead of time. While some people want to use a professional stylist for this, some do not. It is totally up to you! We do recommend professionals because their products hold up better and the stylists we love working with all know how to apply makeup for print/commercial photography. If you you’d like professional hair and/or makeup, we have a few that we work with on a regular basis and would be happy to connect you with. Also take into consideration your nails. They will show in your personal brand photos, so make sure that they are either professionally done or done by you and are chip free.

Tip 3: Check out your competition. Do some brand research on them and other brands that you find appealing. Think about the message that you want to portray to your clients from the pictures. How do you want people to feel when they see your images? What do you want them to think about when they see your personal brand photos?

Tip 4: Prepare a shot list. Have you seen specific personal brand photos on your competitions social media or website or in your scrolling that you like? Make note of them. Is someone creating your website for you? Are they asking for specific photos? Do you have images of products or what you do behind the scene that you want to be able to showcase? Creating a shot list will help you maximize your investment in Personal Brand Photos and makes the actual shoot flow better/faster. Make a note of any props you might like to include. AFH helps you with this by providing a pre-session questionnaire that will help us decide the best pictures to take, props to use and your needs.

Tip 5: On the day of the shoot, allow enough time to get ready so you are not frantic and looking harassed. We suggest that you gather all of your items up the night before and don’t forget to make sure clothing is ironed and not wrinkled.

Well, there you have it. 3 blogs packed full of information on your personal brand photo session.

AFH Media has loved working with local small business owners on creating personal brand photos for them to get their vision out there.

How can we help you show your vision to the world? Let’s talk!


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