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Personal Brand Photography 101 Part 1 | Harrisburg Brand Photos

Personal Brand Photography–What is it and Why is it important?

We've all heard the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is that more true than when presenting your business and your brand to the public and potential clients. When you have an arsenal of new Harrisburg Brand Photos, you are able to consistently on social media and keep your business front of mind to your followers.

PaySmart Payroll Service Branding Pictures
PaySmart Personal Branding Photos for December included, of course, a Christmas Tree

We hear a lot about Personal Brand Photos, but what exactly does that means. We all know the importance of having an updated headshot. But what about content for your Social Media accounts and website? In today’s competitive marketplace, you need photos to tell the story of your business. This is what Personal Brand Photos are all about.

Social Media in particular greedily consumes content. Many businesses have a goal of posting on Social at least once a day. When you have professional Branding Photos created, you will have an arsenal of beautiful imagery to choose from–instead of grabbing your phone and trying to capture something on the fly. Besides, consumers today are very savvy and used to seeing high quality images. Sorry, a cell phone no longer cuts it. I realize that cells can take amazing images, but clients CAN tell the difference in a quick cell pic and a professionally taken image.

Your personal brand photos should include photos of you and your team, where you work, what you sell or make or do–basically, anything you think will help potential clients understand what you do and, more importantly, WHY you do it. Your why is a HUGE part of your story. When people know your why, they can more easily communicate with you. This makes you more relatable.

Some may see personal Brand Photos as an "expensive" marketing avenue. We feel it is a building block to any good marketing plan and necessary to growing your business.

If you're ready to up your marketing game, reach out to AFH Media to see how our personal brand photography services can help you and your business.

You can see more of our Personal Branding in our Branding Gallery Be sure to read Personal Brand Photography 101 Part 2-Coming Next week


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