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Meet AFH Media Photographer | Photographer near me

Well, last week, you met Central PA videographer, Matthew. Now, let’s introduce you to AFH Media’s photographer. When you are looking for a “photographer near me” in search on Google, and AFH Media, LLC comes up, it helps to get to know the photographer that you are choosing. We know that it can be uncomfortable to walk into a photography session with a family or headshot photographer that you’ve never met and then be expected to smile and laugh and be comfortable with them. So, to help you get to know Jodi a little better, here are 9 fun facts about your Central PA Photographer, having NOTHING to do with photography.

Photographer near me

1 | Jodi is an introvert. She’s starting to come out of her shell a little more, but she definitely needs her down time after socializing. As a photographer, she has had to learn to come out of her comfort zone to create your amazing images.

2 | She loves dolphins. Jodi wanted to be a marine biologist when she was in high school. When she got to college and realized that she wasn’t great at science and math, she decided against that career path. She still enjoys swimming with them when she gets the opportunity to and has done so 3 times so far!

Winter the dolphin
We got to meet Winter the dolphin in Florida

3 | Jodi enjoys is a Christian. She was raised Methodist but has found her home recently in an Assemblies of God church. Jodi enjoys good music to worship with at church.

4 | Her favorite color is purple. Not lavender. Purple. Like deep, royal purple!

5 | She snorts when she laughs. Depending on how funny the situation is, sometimes multiple times and the more she snorts, the more she laughs. Sometimes they’re loud and obnoxious. Sometimes it’s quiet and shy. But there’s almost always a snort!

6 | Jodi has several tattoos. 9 so far. Her most recent one was with her oldest daughter. They match and we think one day, her youngest daughter will also get the tattoo. That was the plan, anyway.

7 | Her happy place is the beach. Preferably clear blue/green water and white sand. She would love to travel to more beaches like this, but that’s on her bucket list.

Photographer at the beach

8 | She is a Pittsburgh fan. She grew up in Western PA and was raised BLACK & GOLD!!! Steelers, Pirates, Penguins!!! HERE WE GO!!

9 | Jodi loves to travel. She likes to see new things and places. As she comes out of her shell more, she’s found that people watching in new places can be quick entertaining.

If you're looking for a photographer in the near future, reach out to Jodi at AFH Media, LLC today! She'd love to talk to you about capturing your memories!


Andrea Sollenberger
Andrea Sollenberger
Jan 21, 2022

How much fun to learn about the photographers behind the camera! Revealing things about who you are makes it so much easier for clients to find just the right photographer to get real with! Well done!


Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
Jan 20, 2022

Purple is my favorite color too, Jodi! I love reading more about amazing PA photographers!

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