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Learn Your Camera | Beginner Camera Class

As a professional photographer in Central PA, I realize how intimidating that new camera can be. I've been there.

Don't turn this dial

Move this dial

Don't touch this

Only shoot on this mode.

It's daunting to learn your camera. So I've designed a Beginner Camera Class to help you with all of the basics.

Who actually reads the manual that comes with your electronics? Probably very few people. Even if you do, having it broken down into basic HUMAN terms can be useful! That's where I come in.

In this April class, we'll learn how to get your camera off of auto and onto manual so that you're in charge of your camera and your camera is NOT in charge of you. Get the look that you want, not what your camera thinks you should have on auto.

We'll see the shutter move, check out lenses and answer all of your questions so that you walk away with the ability to do what you want and capture what you want.

You can rent one of our camera's and a lens and then learn how to use it before you spend all of that money on a new camera. You can rent the Canon 6D Mark ii or Canon 5D Mark iv and choose from a Canon 50mm, the Sigma 70-200 or 85mm.

If you are looking into a drone, we can help you learn to fly one of those, too. Or you could rent one from us to test out. Info on our drone class will be released next week.

Both classes are on April 7, 2022 at 1pm at our studio at 311 S 10th St Suite B, Lemoyne, PA! We're excited to help you learn your new equipment or see if you'd like to purchase some new equipment.

Our classes will be on sale for $99 from now until December 15. Then the price goes back up to $150.

You can book your seat to the DSLR camera basics class below!

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Brandi Price
Brandi Price
29 thg 11, 2021

What a great way to learn all about that new fancy camera that so many will get for Christmas! An introductory to photography class was what set my business in motion!

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