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5 Benefits Of Wedding Videography | Harrisburg Wedding Videographer

When you’re planning a wedding, we know that there’s a lot to budget for. When you’re creating your budget, how important is wedding videography? In our opinion, it’s a definite. There are so many reactions that can be captured on video that will bring you right back to the moment. For instance, your significant other’s reaction to seeing you walk down the aisle or your wedding vows. We’ve got 5 more reasons that you should have a wedding videographer for your big day!

1. Everybody says this, but the day really does go by so quickly

Your wedding day is like Christmas. Months and months of planning and in the blink of an eye, it’s over. Having a wedding videographer who will be able to create a video of all of the special moments of your big day will allow you to relive your day anytime you want.

2. You won’t see everything on your wedding day, but your wedding video will

You won’t be able to see your husband, groomsmen or bridesmaids walk down the aisle. You won’t see your mom shed a tear as you say “I Do”. You may not see your parent’s dancing cheek to cheek while you’re busting a groove. But a videographer will capture these moments and allow you to view a fuller picture of your event. And that, my friend, is priceless.

3. Wedding videos are easily shareable

In today’s world, videographers are able to load their videos on to most any social media platform, including YouTube and Vimeo. This allows you to be able to share your special day with loved ones around the globe. Many videographers will also create short clips for you to be able to share on social media. If you’re having a smaller wedding or a destination wedding, a wedding videographer can help you be able to share your special day with friends and family unable to attend.

4. Memories might fade, but the video will last forever

Your wedding video may not be something that you watch often in the beginning, but someday, your kids may want to see how “cool” their parents were and this is where you bring out the video. While pictures can show them images, there’s something about seeing their parents, or grandparents dance and walk and move that make them come alive even more.

5. See things from a different angle

What does your ceremony site look like from above? What does the walk down the aisle look like for you? Do you remember? Do you remember walking up to the aisle, seeing your family and friends and all of the beautiful flowers? Adding drone coverage to your wedding videography package can up the emotions. You won’t ever see your wedding like you do with a drone! You put a lot of time and money into every detail. Make sure that it’s captured from every angle.

So, now that you’re convinced that you need a wedding videographer, reach out to AFH Media, LLC today! We’re happy to talk with you about all of your wedding day ideas and plans!


candace miller
candace miller
Sep 16, 2022

Videos make sweet moments as well! You can see all your friends wishing you well. Remember all those friends that came in to see you on your big day. Videos can be really special!

AFH Media
AFH Media
Sep 16, 2022
Replying to

Yes, videos can really tie the event together!

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