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Family Christmas Pictures | Lemoyne Studio Photos

Family Christmas Pictures and cards have really become popular over the years. We're not just talking the generic packaged cards you buy a big of from Walmart or Target and use year after year. We're talking personalized Family Christmas Pictures on a card that you or someone creates that you mail to everyone so they can see how your family has grown since last year or how crazy your family is or maybe it’s both! But having Family Christmas Pictures taken can be a chore, are we right? Let us help you out with 5 tips to making sure everyone gets your families updated card before Christmas actually comes and goes.

1- When should I have Christmas pictures taken?

Well, this will all depend on what you’re doing with them and who is creating your cards. For instance, AFH Christmas minis are the November 19 & December 3 this year. Why? So we can have you select your card, get your images edited and to you so that you can select the ones that you would like on your card and then get those cards printed and mailed to you before the the second week in December so that you can get them mailed out.

2- What should I wear for Family Christmas Pictures?

This one depends on if your session is inside our outside. The Christmas Mini’s we're offering this year are all inside, so you could wear shorts and a tank top if you’d like. It depends on the set, too. Make sure that you dress yourself and entire family warm enough if you are outside to be able to not look frozen and miserable after 5 minutes of pictures. We suggest layers. Layers are always visually appealing in pictures and in colder weather can be beneficial incase you do get warm moving around to different positions. We're offering Christmas PJ’s in bed pictures, so, Christmas PJ’s would be the obvious choice in this situation. You can see some of last years Christmas PJ sessions below.

3- Have fun

Family Christmas pictures should celebrate this magical time of year and should be fun. Jump on the bed, look at the person with the stinkiest feet and laugh, or yell out what you want for Christmas on 3. All great ways to get candid laughs and smiles. Enjoy it.

4- Use Props

If you are taking your own Family Christmas Photos, include props to bring everyone together. Santa hats, Christmas PJ’s, ugly Christmas sweaters, etc. The ideas are endless, but again, make it fun. If you have a photographer lined up to take your pictures, see if they are setting up sets of their own. For example, this year, we're offering 3 different sets. Christmas doors, Christmas trees by the window and Christmas PJ's in bed. Each scene offers a different look. You saw the bed above and you can see the other two below.

Christmas Trees:

White Doors:

5- Be Creative

Not sure what to do? Scan Pinterest. You can check out some of my ideas on my Christmas Mini’s Board. There’s some ideas for DIY or if you’re looking for what to wear to a session with a professional photographer. Either way, there’s tons of ideas on Pinterest.

If you're looking for a professional to capture your Christmas pictures this year, AFH Media has 2 dates available. November 19 and December 3. Your 15 minute mini session includes up to 5 family members, 1 Christmas themed background of your choice, 24 Personalized Christmas Cards of your Choice (chosen at your session), 3 digital downloads of your choice from an online gallery and print release. You will have the option to purchase additional images if you are interested.

To book your date and time, click the link below!

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Brandi Price
Brandi Price
02 nov 2021

What great tips for Family Christmas pictures! I bet your families will LOVE the images from their Christmas mini sessions with you!

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