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Boudoir Photography Prop Ideas Part 1

Boudoir photography is the art of celebrating a woman’s beauty, confidence, strength and sensuality. It’s an empowering session and deeply personal. Using props in your boudoir session makes it stand out and even more personal to you. Photography props help set the mood, add memories and interest to your photos and tell your story.

Props can be anything from a set of angel wings to a baseball bat, from a vintage strand of pearls to your wedding veil. Props can take a simple image and make it extraordinary.

The Magic Of Props

Boudoir photography isn’t just pretty pictures of a woman. It’s empowering, confidence building and about capturing who a woman truly is. Props are magic tools that help bring your vision to life. They can add visual interest, portray the mood of the image and add layers of depth. Each prop helps to tell a story. 

Top Prop Ideas

Props can help you feel more comfortable in your boudoir session. They can give your hands something to do and give you something to interact with. Fabric, accessories, furniture, etc. All can make for a great added prop.

Tattooed woman with black sheet in boudoir photo

  1. Fabrics

Boudoir photographers love them some fabrics. They add texture and imagination to the portrait. Silk, velvet and lace are great options. They look great in images and look and feel great on your skin. 

Fabrics can be draped over furniture or held onto by the subject. They can be used to cover private parts of your body or parts that you aren’t as comfortable with.

  1. Furniture

Woman in yellow lingerie with a black chair

Furniture can help bring the scene to life. Chaise lounges, ornate headboards, and elegant chairs are

popular options. They can add a level of sophistication to your images.

  1. Lighting and Mirrors

Lighting in boudoir photography makes for a powerful tool. Lighting can create drama, curves and shadows where needed to help you look and feel amazing. Mirrors can create interesting and playful images and add dimension to them. Both mirrors and lighting can be fun to play with and see what you like and what works best for the client.

Woman's bottom in a black thong

  1. Jewelry and Accessories

Accessorizing with jewelry can add a spot of glamor to your boudoir photos. Jewelry often helps ladies to feel more beautiful and glamorous. Rings, pearls, crowns and more can offer a touch of class to your portrait. These accessories should complement the subject, not take over the scene

Boudoir image of woman with engagement ring and strand of pearls

  1. Personal Items

Incorporating personal items can bring the session full circle and make it more meaningful. Personal items help to tell the story. Favorite clothing items of a spouse, special jewelry or a spicy book are great starting points. 

The goal of your boudoir session is to capture your essence. Choose items that will help us do that.

Woman in Red Sox jersey and blue bodysuite


Come back next week for part two of this three part series on boudoir photography prop ideas. What ideas do you have for your boudoir session?

Let me know in the comments!


May 26

I never thought of all the different props you could use for boudoir sessions! Such a great post and beautiful photos!


Ashleigh Maxey
Ashleigh Maxey
May 26

Gorgeous photos, and awesome tips on prop ideas for a boudoir session! Love your work!

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