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Tammy's FIERCE Over 40 | Women's Photography

In late January, AFH Media, LLC kicked off it's FIERCE Over 40 Project. You can read more about it on the blog or on the website. Our first FIERCE Over 40 woman is Tammy. Tammy is a small business owner in Central PA and while Jodi and Matthew have known Tammy for a while as business people, this allowed Tammy and Jodi to get to know each other personally a little bit better.

Each of the women that participate in the FIERCE Over 40 project are given a questionnaire to help us get to know them and their story better. Below you will see Tammy’s favorite pictures and her questionnaire answers.

Carlisle small business owner

Tammy is 44 years old and is the owner of Vast Strategies. Tammy and her crew created AFH Media’s logo and website, if you want an example of their work!

We asked her to tell us who Tammy is, where she’s from and a short bio of her life:

“Tammy Vasbinder is a Harrisburg native and lives in Boiling Springs, Pa with her Husband and two children.

A natural connector, Tammy developed her business, Vast Strategies, by bringing together industry-leading creatives and innovative marketing professionals.

At Vast Strategies, there is nothing more important to Tammy than the relationships she builds with her clients and the results she delivers. Authentic, warm, and welcoming, Tammy has always been able to put people at ease.

Her experience spans twenty years and includes sales and buyer positions in retail, print and radio. During her career in radio, she was featured in a national magazine called “Radio Ink” as one of the Top 10 Radio Reps in the country.

When she's not cultivating detailed sales and marketing strategies, you can often find her teaching her sons how to be excellent humans or playing softball and basketball.”

What is the best thing about being your age?

“There are so many great things about being my age. I have more experience and wisdom in my 40's, I spend more time with God, my family and my close friends and less time and energy with anything or anyone that doesn’t bring joy into my life. My relationships are more mature, I don't let the little things in life bother me anymore and if I do get upset, I communicate my feelings right away in a gracious and non-accusatory way. People come to me for advice, whether it’s in business or in their personal lives, they care what I have to say and that’s pretty cool. It’s nice to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life in some way. I find that my instincts are spot on too, and I do not doubt as much. I believe that God has a lot to do with that as I take just everything to Him before I make a decision, big or small. My Husband and I really enjoy our time together in our 40’s and with our two sons. It’s fitting that we have boys as I was such a tomboy growing up. Hiking, fishing, playing basketball, vacationing, we have a great time with one another.”

What is your greatest achievement?

”Starting my business, Vast Strategies, would be my greatest achievement. I really enjoy being a business owner and am surrounded by my incredible team and amazing clients. I give God all the glory for our success and look forward to what 2022 will bring.”

What is your favorite thing that you have checked off of your bucket list?

“Having kids”

What trait are you most proud of?

“Making people feel welcomed and connecting people.”

What is your greatest fear?

“I'm not a fearful person but I can't imagine how painful it might be to lose a child or spouse.”

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

“To be more organized, I'm decluttering one item in the house each day with our family. It feels good!”

When, in your life, have you felt most confident and why?

“I've always been a confident person throughout my life. Sometimes it may have been for my athleticism in basketball or softball, other times I found confidence in my career or as a wife and Mom. There are also areas where I lack confidence and when I do, I take the necessary steps to build my confidence back up.”

What did you like most about being a part of the FIERCE Over 40 Project?

“I have to be honest; I’m not really digging my body right now. I gained weight during the pandemic and am focused on getting back in shape. So, when Jodi reached out to me about this campaign, I thought “Can’t we do this in 4 months, that will give me time to get in shape” But you know what, no matter what you weigh, or whatever your insecurities are at the moment, you are amazing, right here, right now, so just go for it. Do the photo shoot, go to the beach, dance like nobody is watching, just go for it because people love you for who you are. Thank you, Jodi, for lifting me up when I was feeling down and for making me feel beautiful, even when I wasn’t feeling it. You’re pretty awesome!”

Awww, thanks so much, Tammy! THAT’S what this project is all about!!!

Have your perceptions of what being “attractive” means changed over time? What do you define as attractive now?

“Being attractive has changed for me overtime. A sense of humor, integrity and personality play a key role in what I find attractive. Who are you on this inside and how you treat and respond to people, how do you make people feel? That’s what’s attractive to me.”

Tammy, it was wonderful to have you in front of the camera and in the studio. We’re so glad that you decided to JUST DO IT!!!

If you're over 40 and either live in Central PA or are planning a trip to Central PA and you'd like to be a part of this FIERCE project, reach out on the info form below!


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