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DSLR Camera Class | Be the boss of your camera

If you're like many people, you may have gotten a new DSLR camera for Christmas and now, you're stuck wondering "what does this do?" "How do I do this?" A DSLR Camera Class is where you need to start. Did you read the manual? Of course not! Who reads the manual? Our photographer, Jodi, will teach you about your camera and if she doesn’t know, she’ll find out and get back to you.

Sony A7s

You want to create photos that have that creamy background or pop off of the page. Maybe you want to know how to take pictures at night with blurry car lights whizzing by. This all has to do with the exposure triangle. The what? Exposure triangle. Jodi will go over this and you settings on your own camera so that you can learn while doing. If you don’t have a DSLR camera yet, but you’ve thought about it, we also have cameras and lenses for rent that you can borrow for the class.

Are you tired of snapping a picture and it coming out dark? Or blurry? Or REALLY bright? We’ll explain why all of that is happening and how to change your settings so that you get the results that you want, not the results that the camera thinks are best.

We'll see the shutter move, check out lenses and answer all of your questions so that you walk away with the ability to do what you want and capture what you want.

Cameras are a piece of equipment and they are usually pretty good at determining what the settings should be, however, photography is an art and when you allow your camera to dictate what your images look like, you aren’t being an artist. You’re just pressing a button. There’s so much more to photography than pushing a button.

Let us help you capture the vision in your mind.

Phantom drone

Maybe you’re interested in learning to fly a drone? We have drones for rent as well and Matthew, our certified drone pilot will teach you.


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