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3 Reasons To Hire An Event Photographer | Event Photographer

Deciding if you actually need to hire an event photographer can be a tough decision. You're already spending money on the decorations, food, and even a speaker, so why spend more on a photographer? I've got 3 reasons to hire an event photographer.

LinkedIn professional presenting at a women's event

1. Promote your event after it's over

When you hire an event photographer, you will have images after the event to use to market your next event, remember things that happened at the event or be able to share with potential new clients or family and friends. You’ve spent months prepping for this event, you’ll want to have something to remember it by. Without professional event photos, you will have nothing tangible to show how wonderful your event was and how your hard work paid off.

Panel of experts speak at event

2. Be present at your event

Your cell phone takes great pictures, but you are planning and putting an event on, you don’t need to add one more thing to your plate. Plus, do you even know what you’re looking for when you photograph the event? That’s what an event photographer is for. We know what to look for and how best to capture your speakers and the event as a whole. If you are worried about photographing your event, too, you won’t be able to enjoy all of your hard work. Having an event photographer capture your event allows you to see all of your hard work come to fruition. Sometimes you may not even know some things took place without photos.

Small business owner at networking event

3. Respect for your staff and guests

As a professional photographer, it’s my job to know how to be professional and work with your guests. There’s a difference in a person walking around with a professional camera and one more person with a cell phone. There’s a level of respect that a professional photographer commands in an event situation. People know they are there working and someone has probably paid money for them to be there to capture the event.

BONUS: Professional Headshots

As an additional bonus, ask your event photographer what it would cost to add on headshots for the speakers or attendees. Professionals love having the opportunity to get a new headshot.

When’s the last time you hired an event photographer? If you’ve had an event and didn’t, do you regret it?

Let me know in the comments and next time, reach out to us to take that pressure off of you!

4 Yorum

25 Mar

What's an event without great professional event photographs to remember all that went into the day in planning and all that happened that day, right down to the emotions.


18 Mar

Having professional photos to market your next event is a must! I love the idea of adding on professional headshots for the presenters and/or attendees too!


18 Mar

These are excellent tips! So much goes into planning and executing a successful event, it's so important to be "ON". Having the chance to go back and relive the memories is priceless!


Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
17 Mar

Yes, Jodi this is spot on!! If you're hosting an event you should be focused on your guests, not taking pictures. A good professional photographer definitely commands respect! I didn't understand this until recently. A few other photographers use similar locations to me, and they keep getting kicked out. Well are you following the rules? Have you asked to be there? If you're a professional, you know the rules and you follow them! And I never thought about promoting the event afterwards, it's definitely smart to have professional images for your website and social media!

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