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Planning a Memorable Graduation Party | Harrisburg Senior Pictures

Over the last few years, Graduation Parties have had to look a little bit different. We couldn't have predicted the lasting effects COVID would have on our lives. But it's time to celebrate again and you deserve recognition and to celebrate this important milestone. So, let's start planning out the specifics.

Here are the elements you need to focus on:

The Guest List

Choosing who you want to invite will help you determine whether you need a venue, entertainment, and a caterer. Do you just want it to be family or friends and family? How many people do you plan to invite? Will it be a grand party or something more intimate?

Set a Budget

Sit down with your parents and work out a budget for the party. Start by listing what is most important to you and allocating budget towards that first. Whatever is leftover can be used to pay for small extras. We all know that money spends quickly, so putting the important things first will make sure that your money goes to the MUST HAVES!

Search for Venues

If you don't have a large back yard or house that you'd like to have all of your closest friends and family in, start searching for a venue that suites you. If you would prefer to hire a venue, start searching for something in your area that fits in with your theme and your budget. Once you have a shortlist, find out about venue hire fees and whether you have to purchase food and drinks directly from them. Being able to supply your own food and drinks always works out much cheaper. When we looked, we started with local parks with pavilions. Our senior wanted to be outside with her friends and family playing games and enjoying each others company.

Decide on the Food

Food that’s easy to make and eat is a popular choice for graduation parties, unless you prefer to have a more formal sit-down meal. If you are having a party at home, opt for food you can prepare the day before or use crockpots to keep it cooking the day of. The other option is to have a caterer take care of the food for you. In fact, many restaurants are catering parties now too. If you have some additional budget, you could even consider a food truck. Keep in mind the outside temps when you're planning food. We ended up with a TON of extra food because it was so hot that people didn't feel like eating.

Plan Your Décor & Entertainment

We started our planning on, you guessed it, Pinterest. There's so man amazing ideas for every theme and budget on there. Once you decide on a theme, create a Pinterest board and start collecting ideas. There is so much you can create right at home without spending a fortune. Whatever theme you decide on, have fun with it and make it your own. In terms of entertainment, a good playlist is all you really need. However, if you want to go big, you could hire a local band or DJ, or set up a games area. Since you will be sharing this celebration with the people you love the most, ask your senior photographer about photo booth options too.

Remember, this is your graduation party, which means you don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. Celebrate in style, your way!

A bonus tip...


What a great time to show off those senior pictures. I mean, that's why everyone is there, right? To celebrate you!

Have you booked your senior session yet? It's not too late to get on the books!


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