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Meet AFH Videographer | Central PA Videographer

Earlier in 2021, we introduced you to AFH Media's videographer, Matthew. In case you missed, we thought we'd start 2022 with another introduction to this Central PA Videographer.

It often helps to know a little about someone before you hire them to capture special moments in your life or when you’re having them help you build your business up. So, to help you get to know the Central PA Videographer behind the camera, I thought I'd give you 9 fun facts about Matthew that have nothing to do with videography. So, here we go.

1 | He likes to work out and stay in shape. He’s great at creating workout routines and healthy eating plans for himself and others if they’re interested.

2 | Matthew is an extrovert. He's a former introvert though, so he gets both sides of the coin, but he definitely craves the interaction of other humans and feels energy when in group situations.

3 | He's not the best with English. He's English, born and raised in America. Just speaks his own language sometimes! But once you learn it, you're good to go!

4 | He learned videography after Jodi asked him to so that she could offer it to her high school senior clients. She wanted to be able to offer them a video senior session experience.

5 | Matthew loves creating videos for clients. They are a way to express himself and create something beautiful for a wedding client or marketable for his small business clients.

6 | Matthew is awesome with numbers. Like remembers credit card numbers and bank account numbers. Who can do that?

7 | He has an uncanny ability to look at something and know it’s measurements. He can measure a room or a window or most anything with just his eyes. Who can do that?

8 | He is a New England Patriots fan. Not much more needs to be said about that. 😊

9 | Matthew loves to hunt. He'll hunt deer, bear, turkey and more, probably, if he could and had time.

Join us next week when we'll introduce Jodi, the photographer half of AFH Media.

If you need a videographer for your Central PA Wedding, small business branding or event videography, reach out to AFH Media today. We're booking business jobs into Spring and weddings for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

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