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Headshots Near Me | Headshot Mini Day

THIS IS IT!! Once a year, AFH Media, LLC offers our headshot mini day. Finding headshots near you can be time consuming, trying and frankly, downright annoying. September 14, your headshot photographer, AFH Media is offering the only discount you will see on our headshot session.

Discount means less quality, right? WRONG! We know that your time is valuable, so we’re working with you to get you in, get you quality images to choose from immediately after your session and get you on out the door and on with your day without sacrificing.

Man in navy suit for headshot

When’s the last time you had an updated headshot? When your new client requests one, do you have a current one to give or does your headshot still have 80’s hair and blue eyeshadow? Maybe you’ve NEVER had a professional headshot (WHAT?). Well, for whatever reason you haven’t, now is your chance. Are you a real estate agent and your clients don’t recognize you when you come to sell their house? Did no one talk to you at the last networking event because they didn’t know who you were? THIS IS IT!

Join us in our Lemoyne, PA studio for a 20 minute session where Jodi will help pose you and make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Immediately following your session, you’ll see all of your images and choose your favorite to be fully retouched and delivered to your in box in 48 hours. If you’d like to purchase additional images, you’ll have the option of doing that as well.

Blonde woman in flower top headshot

If you’ve been avoiding getting a new headshot done, for whatever reason, NOW IS THE TIME! And September 14 is the date. We’ve got 10 spots and they will go fast, so don’t wait.

Take a look at our headshot gallery HERE or find all of the details of our headshot mini day at the button below!

We look forward to making you look like you online!


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