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Awesome Cap & Gown Grad Photos | Harrisburg Senior Photographer

Awesome Cap & Gown Grad Photos

Are you wanting to include your cap & gown in your senior portrait session? It's a wonderful idea and we promise not to make them the same basic pictures that you’ll get from the school-selected photographer. We encourage you to bring all things senior related…cap, gown, tassel, letter, bows, sashes, bring all the things! And if you don't have them at your senior portrait session, that's why AFH Media offers Spring Cap & Gown photo sessions.

While we may sound like a broken record, make sure you have everything ready for your graduation photos! Everything from head to toe…cap, gown, tassel, dress (yes, you do wear clothing under the gown!), and appropriate shoes. If you don’t get the “broken record” reference, go ask mom or dad. Sometimes we forget how much of an age difference there is between us and our seniors.

Creativity With Friends

Have one last hurrah with a bestie in your cap & gown. There's no better time to capture your BFF and cap & gown together. Graduation will fly by, so let's capture the fun together. Kendra and RaeAnn spent many fun times together, so it only made sense to capture this momentous occasion together, too.

Senior girls at cap & gown session

The Toss

Some schools don't allow your grad to toss their cap at their actual ceremony, but that's just as much a right of passage as wearing the cap & gown is. So at your session, make sure you get that shot!

We ended up with some pretty hilarious pictures (like the one to the left). And you'll need to do it several times to get THE SHOT! But have fun with it and just keep smiling!

Get the “Mom Shot”

Every parent wants that perfect shot with the traditional smile that they love on their child's face. In fact, no graduation session is complete without the “mom shot.” Though it may seem basic, we always try to capture a beautiful headshot of my seniors in their cap & gown or their gown and awards. Parents love sharing these pictures on their social media and we love seeing them when we're scrolling.

Get a Close-Up of the Tassel

Senior cap and tassel

Your tassel is a is a symbol of achievement. While your cap & gown may gather dust over the years, your tassel will likely be a keepsake for many years to come.

Get that Personality!

You've lived with that personality for 18 years. You've seen it grow and change and you will want that personality picture to be able to remember this special moment forever. Sometimes when you ask them to show some personality, you get it automatically. Sometimes, we have to work a little harder to get it.

Either way, we'll get it!

Peace out high school

No Cap & Gown?

Yes, we know that seniors don't get their cap and gowns until a week or two before graduation. We usually have two days of cap & gown sessions. One before most of the graduations and one after. Who says you have to have this all done BEFORE you walk the stage? After graduation is just as good a time as any to capture these pictures.

You can also order a "souvenir tassel" online to use for pictures. Or maybe you have a sibling that has already graduated or a friend. Borrow their cap and gown to use for a session.

When we did Deja's senior session, she and her mom had a vision for a pink cap and gown to be used in her session, so we made that happen as well.

If you want to get on the schedule for a cap & gown mini session in 2022, NOW IS THE TIME! We've got 2 dates for you, June 2 & 16 from 5-7pm. Click below to claim your time slot. If you've already had your senior pictures taken with AFH, please reach out to us directly to schedule your session because your session is JUST $22.22


Brandi Price
Brandi Price
May 11, 2022

Cap and gown senior photos are so much fun! You can be creative and just let their personality shine through!


Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson
May 09, 2022

I love these creative ideas for cap & gown photos! They definitely don't have to be boring and you've really done a great job creating fun graduation pictures for these seniors!

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