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9 Fun Facts About Matthew

Written by Jodi Major, AFH Media Owner & Photographer

Owner and Videographer Matthew Forney of AFH Media

It's strange to hire someone to video you for your corporate branding session or even your wedding that you don't know and then be expected to be relaxed in front of the camera and "pretend" the camera isn't there, am I right? Well, to help you get to know the Harrisburg Videographer behind the camera, I thought I'd give you 9 fun facts about Matthew that have nothing to do with videography. So, here we go.

1 | He likes the gym. I think "like" may be an understatement. I'm pretty sure if he could stay there all day, he would. He lifts and talks and runs and talks. And talks.

2 | He likes to talk. In case you didn't get that from #1, Matthew is an extrovert. He's a former introvert though, so he gets both sides of the coin, but he definitely craves the interaction of other humans.

3 | He's not the best with English. He's English, born and raised in America. Just speaks his own language sometimes! But once you learn it, you're good to go!

4 | He drives a Hybrid. Anytime I questioned him driving somewhere, his answer was always "I have a hybrid, so it's ok", meaning, I get AMAZING gas mileage so it's no big deal for me to drive out of my way for something.

5 | Matthew is awesome with numbers. Like remembers credit card numbers and bank account numbers. Who can do that?

6 | #5 makes him also great at math. He knows percentages and math equations like no one I've ever met.

7 | He worked construction when he was younger and the guy that mentored him used to make him guess the measurement of something. He learned to have a very keen eye for what the measurement of things are. He can look at a wall or window or even a logo on a coffee mug and tell you the approximate size of it!

8 | He is a New England Patriots fan. I know, I know. We can't all be smart about the teams we like, but he's a good guy besides this fact, I swear! ;)

9 | Matthew loves to hunt. He'll hunt deer, bear, turkey and more, probably, if he could and had time.

If you missed 9 fun facts about Jodi, you can see that blog here. When searching for the link, I realized how old that blog is, so it may be time to update that.

If you're looking for a Harrisburg area videographer for your wedding, commercial, business branding videos and more, Matthew is your guy. Contact AFH Media, LLC today!

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