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3 Places to Use Your Headshots Online | Headshots Near Me

You’ve had your new headshots taken and now you don’t know what to do with them. You Googled Headshots near me and found the best person to capture you but now what? We’ve got 5 places to use your headshots online to help you figure that out and not waste your investment.


Having an ABOUT ME or a MEET OUR STAFF page helps your potential clients to put a face to the name that they’ve been seeing. We all have staff that make our business happen, whether it’s just you or hundreds, when a client contacts your business to inquire, giving them a face with the name that they are talking to helps to make your potential clients feel more connected and helps in the know, like and trust flow of business.

PaySmart Payroll Services website about me page with staff headshots


As stated above, putting a face with a name is helpful. People do business with those that they know, like and trust, and while that doesn’t happen overnight, the process of winning over a new client can be started with a friendly face in your email signature or marketing. If your signature only has text in it, you’re missing a prime opportunity to put your smile, or the smiling face of your company, in front of current and potential clients.

Headshot used in email signature


Having an updated headshot on your social media profiles is important in this digital age. Many potential clients and businesses use social media to scout out their competition or who they would like to do business with. If your profile picture is of you from 10 years ago, if you’ve lost or gained weight or changed your hairstyle, you need a new headshot. Don’t show up to a meeting and have people not know it’s you because they’re looking for the picture on your profile.

Headshot Picture used on social media platforms

When you’re looking for a headshot photographer near you, take a minute to check out AFH Media in Lemoyne, PA. We offer headshots for solopreneurs and companies of 100’s. Contact us below for your personalized quote!


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